Eggs as an Artist’s Canvas

Easter is next Sunday. There’s no getting around it, not that I’d want to.

Easter is a joyous occasion for us Christians. Jesus died and rose for my/our sins. Jesus did it, I believe it and that settles it. I take this act of love VERY seriously. But this is not about that. This is about the sin I continue to commit yearly.

That’s right, I’m talking about the abuse I inflict on innocent eggs in my attempt to make these fragile shells appear joyous and colorful. At this time of year… Eggs fear me! And with good reason.

Easter eggs, in carton, funny facesYou’d look worried too if your fragile fate was in my hands.

First I would cook you. Most of the time causing you to crack open spilling your innards into boiling water. My kitchen skills are still un-refined. The abuse wouldn’t end there. Nooooo…

Next I would throw you into dyes that stink of vinegar and ultimately make you a sickly pale shade of green or blue. And because you are cracked, your beautiful whites would also be stained. Unless, as has happened in the past, the dye is tipped and spills before the egg has been dropped in for adornment.

Easter egg dye spillOver the years we have tried different techniques… stickers, marking pens, onion skin dyes, (I might as well have just bought brown eggs), rubber band wraps to make plaids and the list goes on. Each year I hope for the best and each year… well, let’s just say, blue and green eggs make a colorful egg salad sandwich.

And this year? I’ve found this…

Victorian Lace Egg Carving

Egg Shell Design ArtYeah… This isn’t going to happen at our house. This is definitely a technique for over achievers making me think all eggs should be “deviled” and eaten… with no decorating necessary.

Just in case you might be one of those high achievers…

Demonstration by Beth Magnuson


7 thoughts on “Eggs as an Artist’s Canvas

  1. I like my eggs scrambled, over easy, deviled or in potato salad. Definitely not dyed some obscure (but beautiful) color. I gave that up a long time ago! As for those intricate designs, forgetaboutit.

  2. Wow, that kind of egg decorating reminds me of something Martha Stewart would do…and nothing that I would ever attempt. 🙂 Have blessed Easter!

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