After 34 years of therapy…

Peanuts Lucy Dr. inMy therapist retired and is moving far, far away.  Well, a mere 357 miles away.

According to Google, it’s a short 6 hour drive if no one gets in my way, or I don’t have to stop for coffee or bathroom breaks, or to stretch a cramp out. This is a huge difference from the mile or two I usually drive to see her.


Chris and I became friends by accident. She was a church secretary while I was a church volunteer in the children’s department. One thing led to another and soon we were meeting on a regular basis.

That’s the beauty of friendship. . . it takes hold and develops while we’re not paying attention. Until it just is. Feeling like it has always been.

In the early years we met mornings before work. Sitting next to the metal walls, shivering, at McDonald’s. Skidding all the way there on ice because neither of us would think of missing our time together.

We’ve mostly met in evenings after work. . . because I’m NOT a morning person and Chris allows me that.  We’ve talked each other through several job changes and lay offs. Family problems, concerns and celebrations. Personal problems. The sorrow of deaths and the joys of marriages and grandchildren. Birthdays and holidays.

And now retirement. 

Together we have grown as mothers, grandmothers, and friends.

We often joke how much money our husbands have saved over the years because of our cheap dinner date therapy sessions.

Our last session was Thursday. After 3.5 hours I hugged Chris goodbye not knowing when I was going to see her again. It was hard. (My eyes still well up thinking about it.) I understand why she is moving. (Doesn’t mean I have to like it.) 

After 34 years of our eyeball to eyeball conversations I will have to get used to this life change. I will especially miss the hugs that came with the knowledge that there was a shoulder just down the street to lean on. That street got a whole lot longer today.

We have spent half our lives holding and encouraging each other through faith and prayer. That, my friend, won’t change.

I love and miss you already.

Until next time. . .


20 thoughts on “After 34 years of therapy…

  1. I hope with the magic of the internet you will be able to share your joys and woes even though physical miles will be between you.
    Cyber hugs might not be perfect but they are sometimes all that is needed.

  2. Oh how lucky we are to have such friends. Face to face sharing is best but your closeness will grow even with distance between you. This is a wonderful post about the value of real friendship.

  3. To know someone that long is quite impressive. I’ve done most of the moving and lost a lot of good friends along the way. I hope you find a way to stay connected. I know you will miss each other.

  4. A beautiful tribute! Many years ago, before the internet, I moved and left behind some dear friends. I worked to keep them for a long time but time takes it’s toll. You have just made me interested in trying to find some of them. One in particular worked in the same company. We always met for breakfast even through job changes until I moved out of state. Since we were both morning people we solved the problems with coffee and bacon. I wonder how she’s doing.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your friend! And yes, you will grieve the loss of the IRL connection. Hopefully your friendship will continue for many,many years in its new form.

    I have a good friend who moved to Idaho (from Ohio)… we still connect via email and phone and one long visit a few years ago. Our relationship did shift (similar to how it shifted when we married and the hubbies didn’t get along) but I value that long term friendship and the virtual hugs and acceptance I get from her. I believe you will find you both still value the friendship even after the logistics shift.

  6. I got tears just reading this. How wonderful that you have had such a close friend for so many years. Many people never find that. I’m sure you will still be close, just not nearby; and I hope you get to have a real life visit every now and then.

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