What’s in a Name?

WASD nametagNames are arbitrary labels.

So what’s in a name?

I found shock, confusion, and a little fear.

That would be understandable with names like Hannibal Lecter, The Joker, or Brutus… our neighbor’s ferocious Chihuahua. However all those same emotions ran through me when I happened upon my own name on Facebook.

I think I need to explain. . . I belong to several quilt groups on Facebook. Where Gladys, Judy, Jenny, and Benny and 125,000 other members post pictures of their talents. So one day I open up Facebook and right before my eyes? A post by… Ellen Peterson!!!

Wait, that’s me!

Except …GASP… I didn’t post anything.

 My first reaction was, “Oh Dingle-Berries… I’ve been hacked! My identity had been stolen.” That’s when I noticed the avatar was different. So I introduced myself to this new Ellen who was using my name.

We exchanged a few pleasantries then moved to Messenger for a deeper discussion. Ellen Peterson (the not me Ellen Peterson) is from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Is a sweet lady who not only quilts but is easy to talk to.

Last weekend she messaged me that she was going to a quilt retreat. I would have loved to have joined her except for the 45 hour, 3,096 mile drive. Maybe some day we will quilt together. Who knows. But for now rest assured…

the Ellen Peterson Bookends have both coasts covered…in QUILTS! 

and I agree with William when he asks. . .

Name. Shakespeare

Until next time…