Since last we met…

Vintage filter, couple of White coffee cup on wood table with bl

Sometimes life gets busier then planned and all good intentions get thrown to the bottom of the list while real life steps in.

So grab a cup of coffee and lets sit awhile. Isn’t it great how old friends can pick up where they last left off?

Every month it seems my calendar appears blank until I actually write down coming events/parties/appointments/meetings. I remember thinking being old was going to be endless days of sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair. Yes, I believed the lie. 0.o

In a nutshell, this is what has been going on since we last met…

5 birthdays celebrated. ( for granddaughter, son#2, Mr.P, great-granddaughter, & daughter-in-law) We are pretty much partied out for now.

6 dental appointments. Dentists are a necessary evil. (My apologies if you are a dentist.) Mr.P used up five of the appointments with some major work done. I had my teeth cleaned. Sheesh… I sound boring. 


1 broken furnace. Woke up 4:30 one morning to an odd smell. Kind of like electrical but not quite. Followed the scent to the basement and… oh dear. Shut down the furnace and called Robert the Repair Guy. Five days and two thousand dollars later, we’re good as new. Robert’s last words were, “Hope that at least lasts a couple of years.” (Not encouraging Robert, not encouraging.)

1 writers meeting. Willamette Writers meets at Old Church in downtown Portland. Son#1 and I trek over together each month. Getting there is always a crap-shoot. We’ve traveled through protests, concert traffic, and walked through homeless camps on sidewalks. This time we were stopped on the way home with bridge lifts.  But we know where more bridges are… can’t stop us!  (Next meeting is on hearing voices. I have personal experience on this subject. Hope they say its normal.)

1 major unseasonal wind storm. I didn’t think there was much more damage to be done after a winter of rain, heavy snow, wind, flooding and landslides, but I was wrong. More branches and trees down. Whats left is starting to bloom. YAY for Spring!

april-the-giraffe-and baby

1 lawn mowing session. Done in three days between rain showers. I’ve decided I like extra long grass and dandelions.


1 baby giraffe born. Congratulations April and Oliver! After keeping an eye on April for two and a half months, she had the nerve to birth her baby just minutes before I checked in on her. She’s lucky her little guy is cute and that I don’t hold a grudge.

and EASTER!!!  It’s never to late to celebrate the gift of eternity.

We celebrated with church, food, real bunnies, little kiddos, baskets and hidden eggs. The best part was celebrating with family. And my family LOVES coffee. And now that I think about it… my cup is empty. Time to get a refill… how about you?

Until next time… 











A Rainy Spring & Giraffe Stalking

rainy window

It is officially the last day of March 2017. Three months into this Year of the Raindrop. Some cultures attach animal symbols but I prefer weather. It is just a glance out the window for a quick memory jog.

However, the Year of the Raindrop could evolve into the Year of the Flooding. But most likely it will morph into Year of the Landslides. We’ve had a record number so far closing roads and making traveling around the neighborhood an adventure in dodging dirt, rocks, and mud.

People living on hillsides are especially living an adventurous life. One gal related two days ago that she was in her kitchen washing a few dishes when she heard a loud “thump”, looked up to see her neighbors trees had slid down the hill into the greenway below leaving her with a gorgeous new view. SCORE!!!

But we are known for our rain here in the Pacific Northwest. We do it well. We do it in flip-flops and shorts and… without umbrellas. It doesn’t stop much… even the start of  High School Girl’s Golf season. There is a mental toughness involved.

My little backyard is not in jeopardy of falling or flooding but it is extra damp. So far today there has been NO RAIN! I would do a happy dance but afraid it might be mistaken for a rain dance. I’m not going to take the chance.

At last check I have found little signs of Spring…

WASD daffodil hope

Little Spears of Hope aka Daffodils. Along with… pops of purple.

WASD happy purple spring flowersThere might really be a light at the end of this tunnel after all.


April the giraffe

An April the Giraffe Stalking Report….

After investing over six weeks of keeping track of April and Oliver, I’m starting to feel like an unofficial giraffe correspondent.

Today I received another notice that the birth of April’s baby was imminent. Since it was reported that the birth was imminent six weeks ago I’ve come to the conclusion their expertise is in animals, not dictionary definitions.

Today they have defined their imminent to mean in the next 24 hours or by the end of the weekend.

An hour ago I watched Dr. Tim, the vet, check of April one more time. He enters her stall equipped with a pocket full of treats. I wish my doctor did the same. I’d be much more cooperative, just like April.  

So as we March into April… if you find yourself looking for something to do, run over to the Animal Adventure Park and check on how everyone is doing. But you better hurry because April’s impending delivery is… IMMINENT!!!

until next time…


Have You Ever Wondered?

Sometimes I wonder about things… No, not things like… where I put the car keys or why there is one shoe sitting in the middle of the freeway. Although I will admit I have thought about how a person could lose a shoe there of all places.

No… I’m talking about wondering about the deep mysteries of life. I had one of those moments a couple of weeks ago.

WASD message machine

I walked into the kitchen as the phone blinked at me announcing we had 37 messages. (We get a lot of robo calls that are only hang ups but they still register.) And then I wondered… how many messages would our dinosaur machine record before maxing out?

Oh yeah….Challenge accepted!!! And on Monday we discovered the old machine could hold 98 messages!!! It hasn’t changed my life much except that now I know it takes a long time to delete them. The dinosaur says it must tell me the day and time of each before I can press delete 3-4 times to erase it. I will now stay on top of that chore.

I know this may not be the norm for some but…

I am easily entertained, so I’ve got that going for me.


I also wonder why some people can have weird obsessions. I’m not obsessed with neatness, or exercise, or coffee. (okay, I lied about the coffee) But for some reason I’ve become fanatic about April… the giraffe, not the month.

April the giraffe 4

Even April is wondering when this baby is coming out.

It has been a month since the birth of her baby was announced as “any time now”.

And in that time I’ve become invested in her well-being and check on her while having my morning coffee, a couple of times during the day and before bedtime. She seems to ignore me and my greetings but then she is pacing around packing a six-foot 150 pound baby so I’ll give her a pass.

Mr.P thinks I’m a little nuts but hey… he married me. Who’s the nut now!!!


A few weeks ago we received our mail wrapped in a note from our mail/man/woman/carrier. (‘carrier’ is my least favorite because it sounds like a disease is being delivered). The note was from Larry announcing his retirement.

And I wondered… After 30 years how much does Larry know about our family.


This is not really Larry.

Oh My… that’s kind of a scary thought.

Larry had been opening and closing our mailbox since the boys were in high school. He saw our bills and Christmas cards, delivered birthday greetings, late notices (only a couple), insurance claims, wedding invitations, government communications and hearing aid ads. However, he was at his best when  delivering me presents from Amazon.

I wonder if Larry misses us? I wonder if Larry lost his shoe in the middle of the freeway as he hurried out of town on the way to retirement.

I’ll have to wonder about that shoe later because it’s time from my nightly visit with April.

Until next time…


Wear Green or Else…

WASD march 17 calendar March the 17th. Sleep the 18th.

…the only old groaner joke I remember from growing up.

…and from Alexa this morning… Another groaner.

Why can’t you borrow money from a Leprechaun? Because they are always a little short.

When I was teaching this would be a “Green Eggs and Ham” day. The kids loved it. It was tradition.

When I was growing up it was “Wear Green or Get Pinched Day”. Some of us loved it more than others. It was tradition.

I don’t remember my arm ever breaking or being bruised from a pinch or two, or three, or four. But the rules of personal space have changed and with it the challenge of hiding the green you wore so you could double pinch back. …and the tradition fades.

And finally, grab a Guinness and join a St. Patty’s Day sing-a-long…

The Leprechaun Brothers from the Muppets!

 Hope your day is filled with Green  Wonderfulness

…and until next time…

green beer cheers

Two Weeks And Still…

Life can change in the blink of an eye… without notice our worlds can be turned upside down and inside out.

And sometimes two weeks can pass without any change at all. Nothing.

Maybe you’ve noticed…

April the giraffe 3

April… looking mighty tired.

April is STILL pregnant. She paces her pen. Oliver, next door, paces around also. April gets tired and awkwardly sits down. (I find this hard to watch. There is a six-foot animal inside her. That HAS  to hurt.)

I only check in on her occasionally anymore. For me the thrill and excitement of this blessed event is waning, allowing my mind to wander. (I’m easily distracted.) A couple of days ago while I had the live cam on, she (April) nervously paced, stopped, raised her tail. I sensed this was it. (They said her tail would go straight out when the baby came out.) I watched intently as… she pooped.


Stone Church update

And STILL the Stone Church puzzle is not done. We started this thing sometime in January thinking we’d be done by the end of that month. Didn’t happen. New goal: February 14th. Didn’t happen. Next goal February 28th. Didn’t happen. Our next goal is March 17th. If we don’t get it done by then the next goal will be… before we DIE!

Although Mr.P and I are getting tired of eating every meal squished together at the end of the dinner table there is something that kicks in that refuses to let us quit.

Will another puzzle come out after this one?  Not on your life!


And time STILL moves faster than me. I’m noticing that chores I think will take five minutes takes me ten or fifteen. Not sure if it’s that I’m getting slower or more easily distracted. Perhaps I’ve perfected my procrastination skills. Or just maybe I’m running on “April Time”… I’ll get around to it when I get around to it.

That baby giraffe has to come out sometime…

Until next time…


April & Oliver Are Having A Baby

I didn’t know April or Oliver before yesterday and now I’m all caught up in their lives…

Wednesday afternoon around 5pm I decided to check Facebook (where people with lives put them on display.) I came across a live feed of a giraffe giving birth. Okay, not actually giving birth at the moment, but as the header read: “Giraffe expected to give birth at any moment”.


Say Hello to April

Well, shoot, can’t miss something as exciting as this so I continued to watch with 16,700 other people who I’m sure were just as fascinated to see a baby giraffe born. I mean, these babies are six feet tall at birth. That in itself is amazing.

I watched the Mama Giraffe (found out her name is April) pace around her stall looking quite uncomfortable. I watched long enough for my iPad to tell me it needed an energy drink or be sorry. That was my nudge to take a break from April watching to fix dinner, clean the kitchen, put a couple of puzzle pieces in, (same puzzle, still not done) and do a little quilting before checking Facebook one more time for the evening.

It was now 11:15pm and up pops the live cam. Same message: “Giraffe to give birth at any moment.”  (It was late but still 1, 700 people were waiting and watching.)

April continues to pace around her stall. She appears exhausted. (And yes, I can tell when a giraffe is exhausted.) She gives up and sits down awkwardly. (Boy do I remember that feeling.) I have no idea how she is going to get back up.

In the stall next to her is Dad. His name is Oliver. They live in the Animal Adventure Park (somewhere) in New York. My guess is that she is mentally cussing out Oliver who I assume is having a pretty good nights sleep.

And that’s what I need so off to bed I go wishing all the best to the happy couple.

Fast forward to Thursday (today)… It is now noon here in the Pacific Northwest. (3pm on the East Coast) and… you guessed it… The live cam of April is still there with the message: “Giraffe to give birth at any moment”. She is sitting again. Stretching her neck and looking over at Oliver sitting on the other side of the wall. (Probably too tired to cuss at him now.)


If you want to see the happy couple yourself, click here for the YouTube feed. But be forewarned, they are addicting.

In case anyone is wondering. Under the YouTube feed there is some interesting April and Oliver Giraffe facts. At least they were interesting to me, but hey, I’m easily entertained…

Go April !!!

Until next time…











I am NOT Bored

Rain is falling. It’s warm… in the 40’s.

Soon the sun will shine and outdoor activities (mostly the weeds) will call LOUDLY to come out and play. But until then I have some things to do. Lots and lots of things… It’s a good thing I’m excellent at multi-tasking.

This is a brain in multi-tasking mode.

Womens brain

I have lots of interests. Often I find things to be interested in that I didn’t know I was going to be interested in. Some of those have fallen off the must-do list because of age or laziness. Others have lasted a lifetime…

Books… Some would call me a book hoarder. But readers must have something to read besides the back of a cereal box. Somehow I have amassed approximately 350-400 books (between the book shelves and kindle) in my to-be-read pile. (The city library has nothing on me.) Right now I’m in the middle of three books. Depending on where I sit, determines which I pick up to read.

Scrapbooking… Not sure when the scrap bug bit, but I have scrapbook pages that go back to the late 1980’s when there was no such thing as a scrapbooking industry and we created all our own designs… and they look like it. UGH! (*insert eye roll here) After grandkids arrived, playing and picture-taking out played actual scrapping which leaves me about thirteen years behind. However, my scrapping area is always at the ready so I refuse to give up.

Quilting… After several years of not having a permanent sewing space I’ve staked my claim on the basement. Lately I’ve been unpacking  material, supplies, and unfinished creations of wonder. (Wonder, as in, wonder what I was thinking when I started that.) Sewing has been a part of my life since watching Mom make my school clothes. So this activity is a core of my being.

Blogging… Huh? Blogging is an activity? Why… YES!!! Yes it is. Not as much physical as mental. These posts push me to think. And spell. And put sentences together. (And… interact with some very nice people.) FYI: This blog is now 5 years old!

Even though blogging is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done…(I always think no one will care what I have to say)…I decided to start another blog. Needle. Thread. Fabric. was created mostly to keep myself on task. Because seeing where you’ve been lets you know how far you’ve come. (It is only a couple of days old so not much to look back on yet.)

Keeping all these fun life activities in the air is chaotic at times. And once in a while (okay, often) I’ll drop a stitch,  glue fingers instead of photos, skip a chapter, or make a tpyo. But it’s all for the good when we are enjoying life.

Until next time…