Winter. Olympics. Friends.

Winter, Olympics, and Friends have been a running theme in my life for the last week.

Winter. . . I’m sure, has stuck around because of that stinky groundhog that can’t seem to keep his nose out of the weather business. We were well on our way to Spring when…BAM…we looked out our window to see snow. For a whole week we had the white stuff in our yard. Okay, it’s pretty but way to cold.

I wouldn’t have minded so much if Spring hadn’t already started sticking its head out of the ground. However, I’m thankful for natures resilience.

Before — During — After


The Winter Olympics just ended with their closing ceremony. It couldn’t come soon enough for me.

However, Mr.P LOVES the Olympics. Doesn’t matter if it is the Summer or Winter version. He’s on it. And… becomes and instant expert on any sport. This year he schooled me constantly on Curling. To my dismay there was no hair involved. 

I have no idea how much he was saying was true. In fact I have no idea what he said because I wasn’t really listening. . . closely. But I do know we (USA) won the Gold. I know this because the. . . Uh, match? sets? periods? ends? (whatever) were shown every time the television was on.

2018 Gold Medal

Medals awarded to this household: 

Mr.P . . . won Gold in the  Remote Fast Forwarding through a DVR’d program event using finger dexterity. 

Ellen . . . won the Gold in the Hiding and Hibernation event thanks to a basement sewing studio and earbuds!

And in the Friendship news. . . yet another friend has moved away.

That makes three since the beginning of the year. I’m doing well at not taking it personally but starting to wonder if we should look at moving now too. (Peer pressure exists in all stages of life.) 

Anyway, had coffee this morning with a friend (I haven’t completely run out . . . yet.) and the first thing I asked her is if she had any plans of moving anytime soon.

She doesn’t.  …YAY!!!

Until next time. . . 


3 thoughts on “Winter. Olympics. Friends.

  1. I laughed at your winnings. I tried to watch an hour or so a day of the Olympics, just so I’d know what people were talking about. John stayed glued to his computer to avoid watching any of it. I think it’s fantastic to be able to watch the best sports people in the world doing what they do best, even if I don’t understand it.

  2. I looked forward to the Olympics as a much needed break from real life but was also glad to see them end. Fortunately the ending sort of heralds spring here. We’ve had some nice weather. Nice enough to give me spring fever (a bit early). Clocks chance in a week and a half! Almost there spring, we’re coming!

  3. In my house I’m the one who simply loved watching the Olympics. We only got the main channel, but I loved watching the insanity of the snowboarders and the speed of the skiers. I found it humorous the variations on scoring for all the different events. It was always a guess between hubby and me … is this best of two, combination of two, best two out of three, single run only? As I was at the end of radiation treatment, it was nice to be able to lounge on the couch for days and not feel too guilty. But I am very much looking forward to spring. We got the tease-day today – warm and sunny. I know it won’t last, but as Kate said above… it’s kick starting spring fever.

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