River Rafting Through the Week


River rafting can be fun, exciting, and just plain scary. A few years ago, okay, about a million years ago, we rafted the Deschutes River in Oregon. On a hot sunny day we climbed into rafts and paddled like crazy in the hopes of successfully making it down river (alive) to the dinner waiting.

Then it hit me. . . river rafting is much like life. We start at the top of the week ready for the tasks ahead. And then it happens. Rapids are around the corner, there are patches of calm water and coves to rest in until the water pulls you back out and down stream once again. Paddle. Paddle. Rest. Paddle. Rest.

This week my river held. . .  

Moments of Sadness — I waved good-bye to my sweet friend who moved. It was three days into mentally adjusting when another friend called. She and her husband are preparing to move back to Greece! ACK! I’m starting to fear answering the phone. 


Moments of Calm — Valentine’s Day arrived and left without fanfare. What a joy it is to not have to declare your undying love on this one day. Because you’ve already declared it by doing laundry, taking out garbage, making sure there is plenty of toilet paper, and not killing each other the other 364 days of the year. THAT is true love.

Moments of Concern — The weather-guesser-guy is throwing out the S word. We have early flowers blooming, daffodils showing color, and roses sprouting. A few days ago we even heard the sweet sound of lawn mowers. And NOW they threaten us with SNOW?!? If all goes well they will be wrong as usual. . . because tomorrow we are scheduled  to drive to the beach to meet family for the day. Oh dear. . .

Moments of Bliss — Today the sweetest Girl Scout ever, and her family, visited to deliver cookies. The rest of the family was notified and we had cookies and a mini-Christmas. Us old folks, our kids, our grands and our greats gathered around the kitchen table. Sharing. Laughing. Connecting. And this grandma loving every minute.

I did let my guard down forgetting a notorious family tradition. So when everyone was gone and all was quiet. I recharged my phone and found this. . . A grand and a great-grand had updated my screen saver. Giving me…

Moments of Heartwarming Love. . . 

A and K

Until next time. . . 


9 thoughts on “River Rafting Through the Week

  1. Wonderful post on so many levels! We’ve been having a warm (so they say) February (for us) but last night we got 8 inches of snow. It’s close to 40 degrees this morning so I’m not expecting it to last. I’d love to say it’s beautiful but I’ve had enough. The first three are beautiful then it’s time for flip flops! 🙂 Love the screen saver!

    • I’m ready for a little flip flopping too!
      …And this screen saver is a keeper.
      Previous ones have included, weird facial expressions, shoes, pets, blurry things, and any other kind of craziness.
      The object of the game is to get the phone, take the picture, and change the settings before grandma notices.

  2. Wonderful post, Ellen. It is a great metaphor for life! I had to look up what parts of Oregon the Deschutes River went through since I’m in the Portland area. We have the Willamette and Columbia up here. I’ve only lived here the last 5-6 years. I would NEVER try river rafting so you are definitely braver than I. Life can give you a mixed bag in a day, week or month. Even moment to moment. You sure did get it on target here.

  3. Screen saver change …what a delight! And interesting metaphor for the week. For mine, I spent way too many hours lounging on the sofa watching Olympic athletes do crazy things! A weird balance of calm and exhilaration.

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