Crafty Weekend

I love living in my head where everything is perfect. Colors match, pictures hang straight and nothing ever needs cleaning. I love perfect. The problem is there is no such thing. It is just that realization that holds me back. I know my efforts won’t match my minds picture.

I have a little wall space that is hub of this home. Every move we make takes us by it. Coming in the front door? Yes. Coming up from the basement? Yep. Going to the kitchen? Oh Yeah. How about the living room? For sure. Heading down to the bedroom? You bet.

So whatever was to land in this space had to be flat or would be knocked on the floor till broken. Anyway, every now and again I give creativity a try.

This is this weekends result…

welcome home, painted lettersWood letter cutouts from the craft store. They are cheap. And if you have a discount coupon? CHEAPER!

I chose two colors of spay paint. The base is a matte black. After that dried I lined the letters up and lightly highlighted (mostly along the bottom of the letters) with a glossy maroon red.    note card craftingWhile that was drying I cleaned out a drawer and made a couple note cards with some leftover paper experiments.  welcome home wall letteringUsing 3M removable wall tabs I transferred the painted letters to the blank wall. It’s looking better but lonely so it was back to the basement with my spray paint and flat 5×7 canvases. Again purchased at the craft store. Mine came in a package of three. welcome home wall lettering picture placementTrying to decide placement was tricky for me cause I always second guess myself. I blame it all on that darned perfect picture in my head.  wall lettering and picture mats securedMore 3M removable wall fasteners and everything is ready for pictures. Now here is where my genius kicks in…

The canvases are flat and perfect for placement of a 6×4 photo allowing for a border of black around the edges. Success was just around the corner… I could feel it. I had devised a way to change out pictures randomly or by event or season. Just a little double-sided tape was to do the trick… My trick lasted almost three seconds before popping off onto the floor.

Uh-oh… back to the drawing board.  wall lettering and picture attachmentAnd we have a winner…. last night before bed I had one picture still secured. Scrapbooking splits were the answer.

Now comes the most fun part of the whole project… picking out those goofy pictures of family so when they walk in they will know instantly they are …Welcome Home












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