Walking into the Weeds and Back Out

Phrases come and go… and sometimes morph. When my boys were young I’d use the phrase “in deep weeds”.

golf ball in weeds

No one wanted to be in deep weeds. This would mean you were in some type of trouble and the next task would be to work your way out. We’ve all had deep weed moments in our lives. Sometimes by accident, other times intentional.

For awhile now I’ve been walking into the weeds. Nooooo… nothing illegal or immoral. Just off course. Think of it in golf terms. (Not that I know anything about golf.) The fairway is right beside me. (That’s the path I want to be on.) I can even see the green. (We all need goals to look forward to.) However, with each swing of the club I end up farther into the rough with tall grass and unforgiving trees as obstacles. Yes… I’ve been walking into the weeds… and I’ve just made golf a life metaphor. 

golf sand trap cartoon

And then it happens. I hit the ball out of the rough only to land in a big old sand trap. (Any of this sounding familiar to anyone else?) The weeds are gone only to be replaced by another unstable force. A little off-kilter and unbalanced, but swing we must if we are to move on. (This is where I give up on score keeping. There is not room for triple digit scores on those tiny cards at the Happy Links Putt-Putt Golf Course)

Where is all this going you ask? (I was starting to wonder the same.) Well, what I found out is that I have been wandering away from the core of who I am. I had climbed off of the Rock of my life (My faith is my lifeline.) and was sinking in the sea of sand around me.

So this is where I hand in the bent (okay, mangled) golf club and turn to music…

There are times when music can reach my core when nothing else can. So I’ve decided to share two of my favorite “go to” songs. I listen to both of these by Matt Maher each morning… and throughout the day when needed. (I keep them handy on my phone. Smart, eh?) I hope you are as blessed by this music as much as I have been.

Lord, I Need You … is a calming prayer.

Now that you are feeling mellow… time to ramp it up and party with

All the People Said Amen

If you have the urge to sing along, HERE are the words.

Now I’m ready to sing and dance through this day. Hope you are too!

(btw: I’m unclear whether the videos will show up when I post this. You go away for a while and they change the rules. I’m posting anyway. I’ll learn the new rule… eventually. But first I feel the need to watch a little Happy Gilmore.)



7 thoughts on “Walking into the Weeds and Back Out

  1. So good to see your words, Nells. I’ve missed them. And you. Hugging you close to my heart in thoughts & prayers.

    • Part of the getting back out of the weeds business is getting back to writing… even if most of it is mostly gibberish. (<–love that word)

      I'd say we need to find a place to meet mid way between your house and mine for coffee but I think that would but us somewhere in a desert.

      And congrats on finishing book #3 !!!

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