Accepting Imperfection

WASD imperfect nail.

I follow a lot of quilting online. Blogs, Facebook groups, YouTube, and Instagram. I really appreciate the sharing of projects, tips, and especially pictures. I’m a visual learner. Pictures are my favorite!

I’ve noticed everyone seems to be more than ready for Spring this year. So this weekend has brought out quilt pictures featuring March greens, Spring florals, and Easter decorations. They are all beautiful. Including the settings.

I’ve seen quilts set on huge dining tables overlooking lakes, draped over the railing of grand staircases, folded over the backs of elegant sofas in even more elegant living rooms. And even where you’d think to look for a quilt… in huge master suites. Casually tossed over the lounge chair of course.

When I share my pictures of quilting accomplishments I have to work hard to set it up just right so as not to show anything but the quilt. Because. . . I live in the real world. Well, MY real world.

My furniture isn’t new… and usually has a jacket or two tossed over the back. Nothing really matches. Dust lies around totally unafraid of me. Dust bunnies scurry across the floor is broad daylight without fear. I’m not complaining. I’m okay with it all.

What is considered perfect in this world is always changing. The minute you change that wall color it will no longer be in style, just sayin’. 

Oh, and repairs and design ideas at this house do NOT get done in a timely manner.

This ‘Blessed‘ wall hanging has been waiting well over a year to be hung by the dining table. But first the wall needs to be fixed and repainted. Three days ago I plunked it on the mantel and took the price tag off. PROGRESS!!!

WASD Blessed

AND… the patio door’s seal broke a couple months ago. Don’t be fooled, it’s not raining. That is condensation between the panes. ARGH!

WASD patio door broen seal

You see. . . perfection, as a goal, can never be completely achieved because everyone has a different definition or standard of what perfect is.

For me, as long as we have a roof over our heads and the health department hasn’t knocked on the door, I think we’re good.

See. . . I do have some standards. 
WASD I'm perfect

I’ll keep being me and YOU keep being you… 

Until next time…