We’ve Been Shot…

. . . with an invisible force field of protection and still the pesky flu bug is intent on trying to attack us.

Over the last week one or both of us in this house have experienced… Fevers and chills. Stomach issues and aches. Coughs and runny noses. So far, nothing serious or long term. But still, we played by the rules. Why can’t the bugs?

WASD flu shot

Our health care coverage puts us at the front of the you-need-a-shot line because (1) we are in the elderly age bracket now and (2) mostly they really don’t want to see as much of us as they did last year.

It was just a couple weeks ago Mr.P was sitting in his chair and casually commented that he didn’t think he was going to get a flu shot this year declaring that they were pretty much ineffective.

Wow… Okay. I didn’t know how to tell him but, he had already gotten a flu shot at his last doctors appointment. But since he thinks they don’t work, maybe he won’t notice?

I’ve heard reports that the shots this year are anywhere from 10-30% effective. It was a nurse that was tooting the high number of 30% who said, “that’s 3 out of every 10 people who are going to be happy they got their shot.” Not sure that’s a number to be bragging about but she was going for it.

WASD fight the flu

Mr.P has been fighting the flu-critter with sleep. Twenty hours yesterday into today. Up for a few to sleep in his chair and is now back in bed. The way I see it… he’ll sleep through the whole darn event and never know he had it. . . just like getting the shot.

Stay Hydrated and Healthy Everyone

Until Next Time. . .



Post Christmas de-Glitter Project

One of the things I love about the Christmas season is lights. Multi-colored or clear, doesn’t matter to me. Twinkly lights add a special glow that brightens the dullest evening.

Each year I declare: I will not take my Christmas decorations down until Epiphany! 

[Epiphany = January 6th = The 12th day of Christmas is when the Wise Men made it to Bethlehem.]

As the neighbors lights go dim and mine are the only twinkly beacon left on the street I start feeling a little self-conscious. I don’t want to be that house that still has a pumpkin on the porch two days before Christmas. I made till January 5th this year before giving in to the self-imposed pressure to conform.

First to come down were the railing lights.

They were bright and beautiful… and under the snow? Magical.
WASD railing lights

Then the tree was dismantled and returned to its box. Living in the land of trees, trees, and more trees, it is just wrong to have a fake tree and yet this is what we do. And the sheep which gather around the mantle nativity were set out to pasture till next season.

However, there is still one display that has not been put away… yet.

Here’s the story why…

The first part of December, I was out bazaaring with (DiL) Linda and (grand-daughter) Kailey, I fell in love with and bought a… Snowman Nativity! All the characters were in snowman form… except the sheep. They got to be sheep. Strange. 

It wasn’t a large investment but the gal selling it gave me her business card and said if anything was wrong let her know. I didn’t think anything of it till later when I opened the box. . . . As I unwrapped the pieces I discovered my nativity had only two Wise Men and in place of the third was another angel. So being creative we decided to roll with it.

The scene was set up with the two Wise Men sitting around the corner waiting while the extra angel was set as a lookout watching for #3’s arrival.

WASD snowman nativity

So here we are, the evening of January 6 and Wise Man #3 is a no show.

Like many times in life things don’t go as planned and we have to make a tweak here and an adjustment there. Little surprises can make life fun. I still love my Snowman Nativity. All there it would have been cute, but as I pack it away tonight, I’ll be thinking of our fun little story and look forward to setting it out again next year.

 Happy Epiphany!

Until next time… 



HOPE for the New Year

Here we go again. . .

Another New Years Eve propelling us into the future.WASD 2018 2

I remember when I was very young thinking the year 2000 to look like an impossibility. From my youth that number was light years away. (Now, from this end, I see in some ways I was right. I AM light years away… from my youth.) 

And in that time I’ve done resolutions… and failed. I’ve done words of intention… and failed. Except for one year when I chose persevere. I succeeded to make it into the following year because all I really needed to do was KEEP BREATHING. Not sure if I can call that success or just the natural order of things. Either way I persevered!

There is something appealing about a clean slate. Or at least a perceived clean slate. The word ‘new’ giving us that idea of a fresh, untarnished year ahead. and yet we know there is no such thing. At midnight we will drag our old habits, feelings, biases along with us over that magic line. We are human, that’s what we do.

However, one thing I can change is my attitude. How I look at and approach my days can be positively influenced by my heart and mind-set. So this year my focus word will be…

WASD hope 2

Hope propels us forward in faith to something better. Hope gives us a reason to not give up. Hope gives us a feeling of expectation…

The other day I was at an intersection waiting patiently for my green light. In front of me was a large, black, Silverado 4X4 truck. Across the back window in bold letters were the words… 

Never give up. Never give in. Never quit. EXPECT TO WIN.

There was no agenda. No advertising. No negativity. Just awesome encouragement! 

We don’t always get do overs but we can always move forward… in the Hope, Love, and Faith that will carry us through. To all…

Blessings on your New Year. 

WASD Hope meme

Until next time…


Never thought it would be me.

When I started this blog a few years ago I had no idea what I was doing. That part hasn’t changed. What I hadn’t planned on, was building relationships with other bloggers. That did happen. Some grew strong while others fell to the side along the way.

What I never expected was that I would be the one to fall away and vanish. But I did.

WASD fingers typing

At the beginning of this year my fingers ran out of ideas. I struggled to get words out and when the fingers performed and presented their masterpiece to the whole of me. I would reject myself, delete the post, and retreat to my private pity party.

My confidence was low and my body joined the party of defeat. Then, through a series of events starting in June of  2016, writing became the least of my worries.

The long convoluted story went like this… 

  • June 2016 played a little softball
  • Caught a line drive with my shin.
  • Leg swollen and bruised.
  • Good News! Doctor checked, nothing broken.
  • Bad News. I am old. It will take time to heal.
  • 14 months of good days and painful days.
  • Kept smiling because a positive attitude helps.
  • Body didn’t accept smiling as medicine and rebelled.
  • August 2017… Leg turned swollen and feverish.
  • Visited Urgent Care. Infection drained.
  • Sent to ER with a hole in my leg.
  • Four day hospital stay and surgery.
  • Sent home with a Wound Vac attached to leg.
  • Followed by 3 visits a week to Wound Care for 2 months.
  • Loved the nurses but started to hate compression wraps.
  • October 2017. . . I was given my walking papers.
  • Sweet Freedom!!!

So what went so terribly wrong?

What X-rays didn’t see was a deep abscess growing next to the bone that my body could not fight any longer. (I have chosen NOT to gross you out with the actual pictures. You’re Welcome!) The good news is there was no blood or bone infection. The bad news is my softball career is over. Not that I ever had one, but sheesh, do I have a great excuse to sit on the sidelines now… AND a scar to prove it.

WASD softball linedrive

Now if only my fingers will cooperate and write something worth posting.

Until next time… 



Some Assembly Required

I own a sewing machine. I got my third one a couple of years ago and it’s a beauty. Touch button everything. Sure beats the old Singer treadle machine my mom had, although that was a beauty of a different kind.


I’ve been sewing a lot of years. Much of my background is working in fiber arts… Progressing from making my own apron in junior high school, to working my way through tailoring classes, to becoming an assistant line supervisor for Jantzen Sportswear. Jantzen-Company-Logo

But that was then and this is now and my sewing output has changed. I love evolving… how boring would life be if we were forced to be stuck in a sewing (or any other) rut forever.

About 30 year ago quilting became a bigger part of my life than I ever thought it could. I  have a scrapbook full of completed quilts. However, the one quilt I declared as totally out of the picture was the Grandmother’s Flower Garden done with hexagons.

NOPE! Not going to happen in my lifetime… to labor intensive.

And then it happened… About two months ago I became enamored with… HEXAGONS. Dementia setting in? Maybe. Whatever it was, I had completely forgotten my personal oath of hexagon abstinence.

One flower became three, they grew to seven and that’s when the garden idea was planted to the point of now being out of control.

NTF heie 2

However, quilting is not a linear activity…  that would be boring. So fostering the need for a little Spring (which seems determined to stay hidden) I explored a little larger hexie and used them in making placemats.

NTF spring hexie placemats

And then there was the crazy Easter dig through the fabric stash that produced these gems that may (or may not) become a table runner by next Easter…

NTF hexie Easter

But for now I’ll concentrate on cultivating (read: hand piecing) these hexie seeds while I figure out what exactly I’m going to do with them.

NTF hexie 4

Perhaps my tailoring roots and love of hand sewing has kicked back in… because, I’m loving it and find it quite relaxing.

Never say never… to the possibilities of creativity.

Lesson Learned!

Until next time…


Since last we met…

Vintage filter, couple of White coffee cup on wood table with bl

Sometimes life gets busier then planned and all good intentions get thrown to the bottom of the list while real life steps in.

So grab a cup of coffee and lets sit awhile. Isn’t it great how old friends can pick up where they last left off?

Every month it seems my calendar appears blank until I actually write down coming events/parties/appointments/meetings. I remember thinking being old was going to be endless days of sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair. Yes, I believed the lie. 0.o

In a nutshell, this is what has been going on since we last met…

5 birthdays celebrated. ( for granddaughter, son#2, Mr.P, great-granddaughter, & daughter-in-law) We are pretty much partied out for now.

6 dental appointments. Dentists are a necessary evil. (My apologies if you are a dentist.) Mr.P used up five of the appointments with some major work done. I had my teeth cleaned. Sheesh… I sound boring. 


1 broken furnace. Woke up 4:30 one morning to an odd smell. Kind of like electrical but not quite. Followed the scent to the basement and… oh dear. Shut down the furnace and called Robert the Repair Guy. Five days and two thousand dollars later, we’re good as new. Robert’s last words were, “Hope that at least lasts a couple of years.” (Not encouraging Robert, not encouraging.)

1 writers meeting. Willamette Writers meets at Old Church in downtown Portland. Son#1 and I trek over together each month. Getting there is always a crap-shoot. We’ve traveled through protests, concert traffic, and walked through homeless camps on sidewalks. This time we were stopped on the way home with bridge lifts.  But we know where more bridges are… can’t stop us!  (Next meeting is on hearing voices. I have personal experience on this subject. Hope they say its normal.)

1 major unseasonal wind storm. I didn’t think there was much more damage to be done after a winter of rain, heavy snow, wind, flooding and landslides, but I was wrong. More branches and trees down. Whats left is starting to bloom. YAY for Spring!

april-the-giraffe-and baby

1 lawn mowing session. Done in three days between rain showers. I’ve decided I like extra long grass and dandelions.


1 baby giraffe born. Congratulations April and Oliver! After keeping an eye on April for two and a half months, she had the nerve to birth her baby just minutes before I checked in on her. She’s lucky her little guy is cute and that I don’t hold a grudge.

and EASTER!!!  It’s never to late to celebrate the gift of eternity.

We celebrated with church, food, real bunnies, little kiddos, baskets and hidden eggs. The best part was celebrating with family. And my family LOVES coffee. And now that I think about it… my cup is empty. Time to get a refill… how about you?

Until next time… 











A Rainy Spring & Giraffe Stalking

rainy window

It is officially the last day of March 2017. Three months into this Year of the Raindrop. Some cultures attach animal symbols but I prefer weather. It is just a glance out the window for a quick memory jog.

However, the Year of the Raindrop could evolve into the Year of the Flooding. But most likely it will morph into Year of the Landslides. We’ve had a record number so far closing roads and making traveling around the neighborhood an adventure in dodging dirt, rocks, and mud.

People living on hillsides are especially living an adventurous life. One gal related two days ago that she was in her kitchen washing a few dishes when she heard a loud “thump”, looked up to see her neighbors trees had slid down the hill into the greenway below leaving her with a gorgeous new view. SCORE!!!

But we are known for our rain here in the Pacific Northwest. We do it well. We do it in flip-flops and shorts and… without umbrellas. It doesn’t stop much… even the start of  High School Girl’s Golf season. There is a mental toughness involved.

My little backyard is not in jeopardy of falling or flooding but it is extra damp. So far today there has been NO RAIN! I would do a happy dance but afraid it might be mistaken for a rain dance. I’m not going to take the chance.

At last check I have found little signs of Spring…

WASD daffodil hope

Little Spears of Hope aka Daffodils. Along with… pops of purple.

WASD happy purple spring flowersThere might really be a light at the end of this tunnel after all.


April the giraffe

An April the Giraffe Stalking Report….

After investing over six weeks of keeping track of April and Oliver, I’m starting to feel like an unofficial giraffe correspondent.

Today I received another notice that the birth of April’s baby was imminent. Since it was reported that the birth was imminent six weeks ago I’ve come to the conclusion their expertise is in animals, not dictionary definitions.

Today they have defined their imminent to mean in the next 24 hours or by the end of the weekend.

An hour ago I watched Dr. Tim, the vet, check of April one more time. He enters her stall equipped with a pocket full of treats. I wish my doctor did the same. I’d be much more cooperative, just like April.  

So as we March into April… if you find yourself looking for something to do, run over to the Animal Adventure Park and check on how everyone is doing. But you better hurry because April’s impending delivery is… IMMINENT!!!

until next time…