Some Assembly Required

I own a sewing machine. I got my third one a couple of years ago and it’s a beauty. Touch button everything. Sure beats the old Singer treadle machine my mom had, although that was a beauty of a different kind.


I’ve been sewing a lot of years. Much of my background is working in fiber arts… Progressing from making my own apron in junior high school, to working my way through tailoring classes, to becoming an assistant line supervisor for Jantzen Sportswear. Jantzen-Company-Logo

But that was then and this is now and my sewing output has changed. I love evolving… how boring would life be if we were forced to be stuck in a sewing (or any other) rut forever.

About 30 year ago quilting became a bigger part of my life than I ever thought it could. I  have a scrapbook full of completed quilts. However, the one quilt I declared as totally out of the picture was the Grandmother’s Flower Garden done with hexagons.

NOPE! Not going to happen in my lifetime… to labor intensive.

And then it happened… About two months ago I became enamored with… HEXAGONS. Dementia setting in? Maybe. Whatever it was, I had completely forgotten my personal oath of hexagon abstinence.

One flower became three, they grew to seven and that’s when the garden idea was planted to the point of now being out of control.

NTF heie 2

However, quilting is not a linear activity…  that would be boring. So fostering the need for a little Spring (which seems determined to stay hidden) I explored a little larger hexie and used them in making placemats.

NTF spring hexie placemats

And then there was the crazy Easter dig through the fabric stash that produced these gems that may (or may not) become a table runner by next Easter…

NTF hexie Easter

But for now I’ll concentrate on cultivating (read: hand piecing) these hexie seeds while I figure out what exactly I’m going to do with them.

NTF hexie 4

Perhaps my tailoring roots and love of hand sewing has kicked back in… because, I’m loving it and find it quite relaxing.

Never say never… to the possibilities of creativity.

Lesson Learned!

Until next time…



10 thoughts on “Some Assembly Required

  1. Your work is gorgeous! I sew, mostly for the home, but have no patience for quilting. My neighbor was a big time quilter (that means she went to conventions and stuff) and her work was gorgeous too.

  2. How lovely, Ellen. I can see the appeal of hexagons and flower shapes when waiting for spring. Now it will be interesting to see what they become part of!

  3. So interesting Nelly. The hexagon is the standard English form of quilting – entire quilts of nothing but hexagons. There is a specific way of joining them which I am sure would be on the internet. The flowers are wonderful but something tells me the love of the hexagon is going to take you places….

    • Hi Sarah… I am doing the English Paper Piecing method of hexagon making. I love the traditional flowers with yellow centers , two layers of pedals, attached with green. (All my mother-in-laws were done in this color pattern.) But, oh my, the options for creativity with color and layouts makes me smile and want to do it ALL. You are right… who knows where this will lead. 🙂

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