Since last we met…

Vintage filter, couple of White coffee cup on wood table with bl

Sometimes life gets busier then planned and all good intentions get thrown to the bottom of the list while real life steps in.

So grab a cup of coffee and lets sit awhile. Isn’t it great how old friends can pick up where they last left off?

Every month it seems my calendar appears blank until I actually write down coming events/parties/appointments/meetings. I remember thinking being old was going to be endless days of sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair. Yes, I believed the lie. 0.o

In a nutshell, this is what has been going on since we last met…

5 birthdays celebrated. ( for granddaughter, son#2, Mr.P, great-granddaughter, & daughter-in-law) We are pretty much partied out for now.

6 dental appointments. Dentists are a necessary evil. (My apologies if you are a dentist.) Mr.P used up five of the appointments with some major work done. I had my teeth cleaned. Sheesh… I sound boring. 


1 broken furnace. Woke up 4:30 one morning to an odd smell. Kind of like electrical but not quite. Followed the scent to the basement and… oh dear. Shut down the furnace and called Robert the Repair Guy. Five days and two thousand dollars later, we’re good as new. Robert’s last words were, “Hope that at least lasts a couple of years.” (Not encouraging Robert, not encouraging.)

1 writers meeting. Willamette Writers meets at Old Church in downtown Portland. Son#1 and I trek over together each month. Getting there is always a crap-shoot. We’ve traveled through protests, concert traffic, and walked through homeless camps on sidewalks. This time we were stopped on the way home with bridge lifts.  But we know where more bridges are… can’t stop us!  (Next meeting is on hearing voices. I have personal experience on this subject. Hope they say its normal.)

1 major unseasonal wind storm. I didn’t think there was much more damage to be done after a winter of rain, heavy snow, wind, flooding and landslides, but I was wrong. More branches and trees down. Whats left is starting to bloom. YAY for Spring!

april-the-giraffe-and baby

1 lawn mowing session. Done in three days between rain showers. I’ve decided I like extra long grass and dandelions.


1 baby giraffe born. Congratulations April and Oliver! After keeping an eye on April for two and a half months, she had the nerve to birth her baby just minutes before I checked in on her. She’s lucky her little guy is cute and that I don’t hold a grudge.

and EASTER!!!  It’s never to late to celebrate the gift of eternity.

We celebrated with church, food, real bunnies, little kiddos, baskets and hidden eggs. The best part was celebrating with family. And my family LOVES coffee. And now that I think about it… my cup is empty. Time to get a refill… how about you?

Until next time… 












5 thoughts on “Since last we met…

  1. It has been quite a month. I’m in Oregon City and my neighbor directly across from me is moving. They are pulling her house out as the land behind it is now gone. Had wanted to go to the Willamette writers group but it’s at night and too far for me. It’s great you have your son with you. I know the homeless need somewhere to go but the sidewalks for goodness sake? I’d love to hear about what you learn there. It’s finally going to dry up a bit after tonight. We’ll have the heat before you know it. ;( The baby giraffe was so cute! The wait seemed endless though.

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