A Rainy Spring & Giraffe Stalking

rainy window

It is officially the last day of March 2017. Three months into this Year of the Raindrop. Some cultures attach animal symbols but I prefer weather. It is just a glance out the window for a quick memory jog.

However, the Year of the Raindrop could evolve into the Year of the Flooding. But most likely it will morph into Year of the Landslides. We’ve had a record number so far closing roads and making traveling around the neighborhood an adventure in dodging dirt, rocks, and mud.

People living on hillsides are especially living an adventurous life. One gal related two days ago that she was in her kitchen washing a few dishes when she heard a loud “thump”, looked up to see her neighbors trees had slid down the hill into the greenway below leaving her with a gorgeous new view. SCORE!!!

But we are known for our rain here in the Pacific Northwest. We do it well. We do it in flip-flops and shorts and… without umbrellas. It doesn’t stop much… even the start of  High School Girl’s Golf season. There is a mental toughness involved.

My little backyard is not in jeopardy of falling or flooding but it is extra damp. So far today there has been NO RAIN! I would do a happy dance but afraid it might be mistaken for a rain dance. I’m not going to take the chance.

At last check I have found little signs of Spring…

WASD daffodil hope

Little Spears of Hope aka Daffodils. Along with… pops of purple.

WASD happy purple spring flowersThere might really be a light at the end of this tunnel after all.


April the giraffe

An April the Giraffe Stalking Report….

After investing over six weeks of keeping track of April and Oliver, I’m starting to feel like an unofficial giraffe correspondent.

Today I received another notice that the birth of April’s baby was imminent. Since it was reported that the birth was imminent six weeks ago I’ve come to the conclusion their expertise is in animals, not dictionary definitions.

Today they have defined their imminent to mean in the next 24 hours or by the end of the weekend.

An hour ago I watched Dr. Tim, the vet, check of April one more time. He enters her stall equipped with a pocket full of treats. I wish my doctor did the same. I’d be much more cooperative, just like April.  

So as we March into April… if you find yourself looking for something to do, run over to the Animal Adventure Park and check on how everyone is doing. But you better hurry because April’s impending delivery is… IMMINENT!!!

until next time…



6 thoughts on “A Rainy Spring & Giraffe Stalking

  1. Thanks for the “April” update. I have the webcam up now so maybe I can catch the big moment. 🙂 I hope you got out in the sunshine today. Have a good weekend (here’s hoping there will continue to be a break from the rain).

  2. I do love this post about Marching into April and the little signs of spring. Can’t wait for the baby giraffe to greet the world. You are a wonderful writer by the way!

  3. I’m with you and was so glad to see a dry day finally. I’m fine here but they were using a drone this morning to check out the slide behind the home across the street. They may have to move both manufactured homes in order to repair the slide. This was the PNW’s wettest winter in decades. We are all ready to see more sun. You are wise not to do a happy dance. Mother Nature might get confused. I started watching April too. She looks bored to tears in that small space. I’d lose my mind in that box. Happy dryer weekend.

  4. Marlene… We need the hope of a dry day or two, eh?
    When Mr.P and I go for walks we only have to head west about 3-4 blocks to look out over Vancouver Lake and the Columbia River. The flood watch until further notice is weird. But as long as we don’t hit 1996 levels we’re good. 🙂

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