Have You Ever Wondered?

Sometimes I wonder about things… No, not things like… where I put the car keys or why there is one shoe sitting in the middle of the freeway. Although I will admit I have thought about how a person could lose a shoe there of all places.

No… I’m talking about wondering about the deep mysteries of life. I had one of those moments a couple of weeks ago.

WASD message machine

I walked into the kitchen as the phone blinked at me announcing we had 37 messages. (We get a lot of robo calls that are only hang ups but they still register.) And then I wondered… how many messages would our dinosaur machine record before maxing out?

Oh yeah….Challenge accepted!!! And on Monday we discovered the old machine could hold 98 messages!!! It hasn’t changed my life much except that now I know it takes a long time to delete them. The dinosaur says it must tell me the day and time of each before I can press delete 3-4 times to erase it. I will now stay on top of that chore.

I know this may not be the norm for some but…

I am easily entertained, so I’ve got that going for me.


I also wonder why some people can have weird obsessions. I’m not obsessed with neatness, or exercise, or coffee. (okay, I lied about the coffee) But for some reason I’ve become fanatic about April… the giraffe, not the month.

April the giraffe 4

Even April is wondering when this baby is coming out.

It has been a month since the birth of her baby was announced as “any time now”.

And in that time I’ve become invested in her well-being and check on her while having my morning coffee, a couple of times during the day and before bedtime. She seems to ignore me and my greetings but then she is pacing around packing a six-foot 150 pound baby so I’ll give her a pass.

Mr.P thinks I’m a little nuts but hey… he married me. Who’s the nut now!!!


A few weeks ago we received our mail wrapped in a note from our mail/man/woman/carrier. (‘carrier’ is my least favorite because it sounds like a disease is being delivered). The note was from Larry announcing his retirement.

And I wondered… After 30 years how much does Larry know about our family.


This is not really Larry.

Oh My… that’s kind of a scary thought.

Larry had been opening and closing our mailbox since the boys were in high school. He saw our bills and Christmas cards, delivered birthday greetings, late notices (only a couple), insurance claims, wedding invitations, government communications and hearing aid ads. However, he was at his best when  delivering me presents from Amazon.

I wonder if Larry misses us? I wonder if Larry lost his shoe in the middle of the freeway as he hurried out of town on the way to retirement.

I’ll have to wonder about that shoe later because it’s time from my nightly visit with April.

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wondered?

  1. I wonder those things too, like the shoe. You can make up stories in your mind about how they got there in the middle of the freeway. 🙂 I’ve been watching April now too occasionally. Please let us know when she finally does have that baby.

  2. Your posts are always entertaining. I began to think of the mailman we had. He certainly knew us far better than we knew him. To us he was a very conscientious worker with a marvelous smile. The mailman in the office was a different matter. He laid the company mail on my desk and always exchanged a sentence or so with me as he walked across the floor. Everything he knew about me came from my own lips. He lived in the town next to mine, and we knew people in common. It’s amazing how much you can learn about a person one sentence at a time. I miss him.

  3. This was fun to read. Like you, I wonder about everything. That’s why I’m in search of it all. The answers to life’s questions. Any writer worth their salt will ask lots of questions and wonder about the dumbest stuff. Makes good reading. 🙂 Anxious to hear about the baby giraffe. I’m always wondering where I left my cell phone. Have to call it from the house phone 3 times a week to find it. 😦 Have a great weekend.

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