Wear Green or Else…

WASD march 17 calendar March the 17th. Sleep the 18th.

…the only old groaner joke I remember from growing up.

…and from Alexa this morning… Another groaner.

Why can’t you borrow money from a Leprechaun? Because they are always a little short.

When I was teaching this would be a “Green Eggs and Ham” day. The kids loved it. It was tradition.

When I was growing up it was “Wear Green or Get Pinched Day”. Some of us loved it more than others. It was tradition.

I don’t remember my arm ever breaking or being bruised from a pinch or two, or three, or four. But the rules of personal space have changed and with it the challenge of hiding the green you wore so you could double pinch back. …and the tradition fades.

And finally, grab a Guinness and join a St. Patty’s Day sing-a-long…

The Leprechaun Brothers from the Muppets!

 Hope your day is filled with Green  Wonderfulness

…and until next time…

green beer cheers


One thought on “Wear Green or Else…

  1. I’m wearing green today, although I’m home alone. There would be green bagels in New York today. I doubt I ever had one unless the 17th fell on a Sunday, our day for bagels.

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