Two Weeks And Still…

Life can change in the blink of an eye… without notice our worlds can be turned upside down and inside out.

And sometimes two weeks can pass without any change at all. Nothing.

Maybe you’ve noticed…

April the giraffe 3

April… looking mighty tired.

April is STILL pregnant. She paces her pen. Oliver, next door, paces around also. April gets tired and awkwardly sits down. (I find this hard to watch. There is a six-foot animal inside her. That HAS  to hurt.)

I only check in on her occasionally anymore. For me the thrill and excitement of this blessed event is waning, allowing my mind to wander. (I’m easily distracted.) A couple of days ago while I had the live cam on, she (April) nervously paced, stopped, raised her tail. I sensed this was it. (They said her tail would go straight out when the baby came out.) I watched intently as… she pooped.


Stone Church update

And STILL the Stone Church puzzle is not done. We started this thing sometime in January thinking we’d be done by the end of that month. Didn’t happen. New goal: February 14th. Didn’t happen. Next goal February 28th. Didn’t happen. Our next goal is March 17th. If we don’t get it done by then the next goal will be… before we DIE!

Although Mr.P and I are getting tired of eating every meal squished together at the end of the dinner table there is something that kicks in that refuses to let us quit.

Will another puzzle come out after this one?  Not on your life!


And time STILL moves faster than me. I’m noticing that chores I think will take five minutes takes me ten or fifteen. Not sure if it’s that I’m getting slower or more easily distracted. Perhaps I’ve perfected my procrastination skills. Or just maybe I’m running on “April Time”… I’ll get around to it when I get around to it.

That baby giraffe has to come out sometime…

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “Two Weeks And Still…

  1. You are so much fun. I watched a bird cam, waiting for eggs to hatch. From now on, birds are going to have to peck out of their shells without my help. As to jigsaw puzzles, we never put a deadline on one. It’s easier on your spirit that way. We didn’t have it on the dining room table, either. What if you accidentally ingest one of the pieces???? I wouldn’t be in fear for my innards, but I’d be very upset to have a damaged puzzle.

  2. Oh Anne… the only thing more boring than watching a giraffe pace would be keeping an eye on a bird’s egg. As for the puzzle… I think this is the first time we’ve tried the goal date as motivation. So far it looks as though we will NOT be working on it while on our death bed. 😉 Big sigh of relief there. LOL

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