April & Oliver Are Having A Baby

I didn’t know April or Oliver before yesterday and now I’m all caught up in their lives…

Wednesday afternoon around 5pm I decided to check Facebook (where people with lives put them on display.) I came across a live feed of a giraffe giving birth. Okay, not actually giving birth at the moment, but as the header read: “Giraffe expected to give birth at any moment”.


Say Hello to April

Well, shoot, can’t miss something as exciting as this so I continued to watch with 16,700 other people who I’m sure were just as fascinated to see a baby giraffe born. I mean, these babies are six feet tall at birth. That in itself is amazing.

I watched the Mama Giraffe (found out her name is April) pace around her stall looking quite uncomfortable. I watched long enough for my iPad to tell me it needed an energy drink or be sorry. That was my nudge to take a break from April watching to fix dinner, clean the kitchen, put a couple of puzzle pieces in, (same puzzle, still not done) and do a little quilting before checking Facebook one more time for the evening.

It was now 11:15pm and up pops the live cam. Same message: “Giraffe to give birth at any moment.”  (It was late but still 1, 700 people were waiting and watching.)

April continues to pace around her stall. She appears exhausted. (And yes, I can tell when a giraffe is exhausted.) She gives up and sits down awkwardly. (Boy do I remember that feeling.) I have no idea how she is going to get back up.

In the stall next to her is Dad. His name is Oliver. They live in the Animal Adventure Park (somewhere) in New York. My guess is that she is mentally cussing out Oliver who I assume is having a pretty good nights sleep.

And that’s what I need so off to bed I go wishing all the best to the happy couple.

Fast forward to Thursday (today)… It is now noon here in the Pacific Northwest. (3pm on the East Coast) and… you guessed it… The live cam of April is still there with the message: “Giraffe to give birth at any moment”. She is sitting again. Stretching her neck and looking over at Oliver sitting on the other side of the wall. (Probably too tired to cuss at him now.)


If you want to see the happy couple yourself, click here for the YouTube feed. But be forewarned, they are addicting.

In case anyone is wondering. Under the YouTube feed there is some interesting April and Oliver Giraffe facts. At least they were interesting to me, but hey, I’m easily entertained…

Go April !!!

Until next time…












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