I am NOT Bored

Rain is falling. It’s warm… in the 40’s.

Soon the sun will shine and outdoor activities (mostly the weeds) will call LOUDLY to come out and play. But until then I have some things to do. Lots and lots of things… It’s a good thing I’m excellent at multi-tasking.

This is a brain in multi-tasking mode.

Womens brain

I have lots of interests. Often I find things to be interested in that I didn’t know I was going to be interested in. Some of those have fallen off the must-do list because of age or laziness. Others have lasted a lifetime…

Books… Some would call me a book hoarder. But readers must have something to read besides the back of a cereal box. Somehow I have amassed approximately 350-400 books (between the book shelves and kindle) in my to-be-read pile. (The city library has nothing on me.) Right now I’m in the middle of three books. Depending on where I sit, determines which I pick up to read.

Scrapbooking… Not sure when the scrap bug bit, but I have scrapbook pages that go back to the late 1980’s when there was no such thing as a scrapbooking industry and we created all our own designs… and they look like it. UGH! (*insert eye roll here) After grandkids arrived, playing and picture-taking out played actual scrapping which leaves me about thirteen years behind. However, my scrapping area is always at the ready so I refuse to give up.

Quilting… After several years of not having a permanent sewing space I’ve staked my claim on the basement. Lately I’ve been unpacking  material, supplies, and unfinished creations of wonder. (Wonder, as in, wonder what I was thinking when I started that.) Sewing has been a part of my life since watching Mom make my school clothes. So this activity is a core of my being.

Blogging… Huh? Blogging is an activity? Why… YES!!! Yes it is. Not as much physical as mental. These posts push me to think. And spell. And put sentences together. (And… interact with some very nice people.) FYI: This blog is now 5 years old!

Even though blogging is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done…(I always think no one will care what I have to say)…I decided to start another blog. Needle. Thread. Fabric. was created mostly to keep myself on task. Because seeing where you’ve been lets you know how far you’ve come. (It is only a couple of days old so not much to look back on yet.)

Keeping all these fun life activities in the air is chaotic at times. And once in a while (okay, often) I’ll drop a stitch,  glue fingers instead of photos, skip a chapter, or make a tpyo. But it’s all for the good when we are enjoying life.

Until next time… 



14 thoughts on “I am NOT Bored

  1. We are cut of the same cloth, Ellen! I have at least as many books and the spread sheet was abandoned quite some time ago as I tried to stop buying the same book repeatedly. Amazon has helped me keep better track of that thank goodness. I’ve been sewing since my kids were small but the eyes are failing so not sure how long I’ll be able to keep quilting. I’ve got to hurry and get as much done as possible before that happens. Scrap booking supplies have just been unearthed from 6 years of storage and 5 moves. Add machine, hand embroidery and gardening to the your list (I’d bet they are on there) and we are twins. 🙂 What is BORED???? I don’t understand that word. I’m surprised you have heard of it. 🙂

    • Oh my… I have done the same. I go to my favorite used book stores because they are the best places to browse and come home with a title or two I already have. Evidently, the book still appealed to me.
      …but one things for sure, we’ll never run out of words to read. 😉

  2. It was fun to read the list of your activities. I am impressed. You keep a lot of things juggling all the time. I don’t know what my list would look like, but blogging takes up an inordinate amount of time. I enjoy it immensely. There may come a time when I have to put a limit on how much time I sit before the computer screen. Meanwhile, I’ll think of you and how busy you are all the time.

    • That meme is one of my favorites.
      Never been one to sit around without working on something.
      But we must stay active mentally and physically for as long as possible. Then we go to bed and get up the next day and start over. 😉

  3. My sewing room was upstairs in one of the spare bedrooms. Then we converted it to a cat room and finished a nice room in the basement for sewing. Unfortunately I found out I don’t like working in a basement no matter how good the lighting is. Now I want to undo a guest br (we have 2) and move my sewing room back upstairs. Not sure how excited my husband will be about this! We can put the guest room in the basement. We rarely get guests anyway. You have a lot of interests. Lots of stuff going on at your house.

    • Kate… My original sewing room was a spare room upstairs as well. (Then the granddaughters needed to move in and I gave it up for them.)(I like that you have a Cot Room.) The room was light with two big windows and a bathroom near. Mr.P took over that room and the basement is all mine. Not the ideal, but I’ll take it. 😉

  4. Thanks for listing reading & blogging in your “not bored list”. As a recovering workaholic, I sometimes think spending time on these things is “worthless”. I know…need to change that belief! And, I’m actually looking forward to spring gardening. They are predicting high 60s this weekend, so spring bulbs will be starting to pop (early).

  5. Pat… I get the ‘worthless’. We’ve been so trained that we need to show something for our time spent on an activity. But it’s impossible to show the thoughts, research, and internal churnings that go into our writing and how the mind works to build images and ideas as we read. Both very valid activities. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

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