Putting the Pieces Together

We are officially half way through Jigsaw Season. Some people call it Winter.

When the new year starts Mr.P and I pull out little chunks of cardboard and squeeze them together to make beautiful pictures. Sometimes we can do this without losing our sanity. Sanity as in soundness of judgement.

That sanity was challenged with Linda’s Christmas present choice which I mentioned earlier. We rejoiced and cheered as each piece found its home… followed by long periods of silence. At one point we put a five piece puzzle minimum in place before any visitors could leave. We then started noticing no one was stopping in… huh.

Eventually perseverance won and NYC Christmas was completed.


NYC Christmas


Those 1,000 pieces of building walls, windows, and even the tree almost took us down. In an effort to rebuild our confidence I dug through the hall closet and found a couple of puzzles waiting in the wings for their time on the table.

Kite Flying at Recess with its bright colors and distinct lines nearly put itself together.

Bandstand in the Park was a little more difficult only because of its odd-shaped pieces.

With 3,000 pieces successfully in place the plastic wrap around Weasy’s choice of Christmas puzzle, Stone Church was removed with renewed confidence.


Stone Church

Oh, dear…there went that sound judgement of sanity.

It’s a good thing the groundhog saw his shadow. We’re going to need the extra time to finish this gem.

Until Next time…



14 thoughts on “Putting the Pieces Together

  1. No patience for it and it gets in the way but it’s great when the granddaughters come. It’s an activity that everyone can do for a while, walk away and then come back. Your puzzles are very ambitious though. I’d be looking at simpler ones. One more thing, after you put them away do you find one puzzle piece and you’re never sure which puzzle it came from?

    • I’m pretty fanatic about making sure all pieces are in a ziplock bag with name of puzzle on it before putting away… that’s just me. We have done many puzzles from thrift stores with a piece or two missing. Of course we don’t know they are missing until we’re done. …sigh…

  2. I enjoy working jigsaw puzzles, a pleasure/punishment my husband does not share. The older I get, the smaller the puzzle. I can’t SEE tiny pieces any more. I can’t believe the huge one you did. Amazing!

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