Stepping Back From the Situation

…way, way back. I’ve personally had enough of the clashing chaos that is erupting over EVERYTHING lately. Do we really need to know everyone’s opinion on everything?

Ginger kitten, Butch, 9 weeks old, with Cavapoo pup and Lionhead rabbit

Even Facebook isn’t fun anymore. I miss the puppy-kitten-rabbit pictures. And I never particularly liked them in the first place.

The way I see it (unintentional pun) we all have several sets of eyes. And we all look at life through our own life lens.

At any given time we could be viewing what is around us through eyes of emotions, eyes of logic, eyes of fear, eyes of imagination, eyes of compassion, eyes of past hurts, eyes of anger, eyes of love, or eyes of jealousy.

That’s a whole lot of factions to come together on any subject. Just try to get a consensus on something as minor as a favorite cookie. (I’d totally argue for chocolate chip until I got a whiff of a molasses cookie.)

We all view the world from different perspectives. No right or wrong… just different.


I know, from personal experience,  that I have warring factions within myself.

My critical eyes are so fine tuned they can sometimes see in the dark. I’m pretty sure I could find fault in Mother Teresa… I’m thinking…Can a person be too kind? Okay, maybe that wasn’t a great example, but you get the idea.

My eyes of compassion sometimes have a hard time squeezing by my eyes of past hurts until my eyes of heart finally show up to set things straight.

No matter the situation… What we look for, we will find.

(I’m hoping for cookies!!!)

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Stepping Back From the Situation

  1. I laughed that your critical eyes could see in the dark. My mother could see two or more sides to every situation. I’m not that good, but I keep trying. It certainly makes a person more accepting of others.

    • The stink eye usually comes out when I see someone else as a little too perfect and me not so much. (Logically I know neither of us are… except possibly Mother Teresa.)
      …and seeing from multiple angles and the whole picture can be humbling and squash the want of selfishness. …sigh.

  2. Well said. I was talking to my daughter about it today saying we all see life through our own filters. We can each see the same thing but see it differently. I’ve stopped going by Facebook too. Don’t watch the news except when I tape it so I can fast forward with the sound off. Much easier on my nervous system. I talk about more safe subjects and if you want an argument, you know where the door is to find someone else to have it with. I like what you said, You might be right but that doesn’t make me wrong. So true. I’m ready for happy stuff too.

  3. I keep trying to step away and then something happens. Ack! I have learned to “unfollow” on facebook. It’s not unfriending but the person’s posts won’t show in your feed. My health was demanding it. Like another commenter, I am avoiding the news. Bad for my blood pressure but I have trouble disconnecting completely as I feel I may need to represent my views in some way, hopefully not annoyingly. Much more puppies and kitties. I did adopt another cat which was a great distraction.

    • I didn’t want to go as far as to get my very own cat because I can visit yours whenever I want. 🙂 …and my Facebook routine… if a post is political in ANY way I immediately hide it. And they are getting harder to see between all the quilting posts from the three forums I’ve joined. …Quilts shouldn’t be controversial should they?

  4. Good post, Ellen. I agree. I’m tired of all the chaos. I hope it stops soon. Also, you gave me things to think about with seeing things with different “eyes”. Thanks!

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