The next 168 Hours. January 14, 2017

It’s been an exciting second week of 2017

Snow dominated our days… lots and lots of snow. I realize snow is not a big deal for many but in this neck of the woods… it is!

Traditionally we don’t do snow well. We get snow which melts upon landing. We get snow which melts before landing. Sometimes we get snow which is immediately covered in ice. (Because, the warmer ocean currents collide with the frigid winter east wind that funnels through the Columbia River Gorge. The freezing wind slides under the rain clouds and we get ice instead of snow.) Ice is not fun. (Ice ball fights hurt.) So, when we get real snow we go a little nuts.

For the most part if snow is predicted we ignore it. Odds are with us that conditions will change and it won’t happen. Again, this week, snow was in our forecast. Dates and time of arrival slid up and down the prediction chart looking for that pinpoint accuracy.


On Tuesday our 10:00pm snow showed up in the afternoon instead. The foretold one to three inches turned into twelve, and… so far not much has melted and nothing is covered in ice. (Had a record low of 9 degrees last night. Brrr…. )

The beauty and quiet of falling snow is magical and a bit calming. But it was becoming clear, being that we already had five of the possible three inches predicted, that this was going to be a (fun?) adventure.


It wasn’t long before the lights started to flicker and the neighborhood fell into darkness. Well, as dark as snow will let it be. Mr.P dug out flashlights (which we didn’t have batteries for) and I pulled out candles.

Tip: Have unscented candles handy for emergencies. We endured a combination scent of pineapple-cilantro/pine/hazelnut latte. It got pretty potent after awhile. Feeling our way around in the dark started smelling like a good idea.

It snowed throughout the night and continued for most of Wednesday. YIKES! This was serious stuff. Mr.P decided we needed to assess the situation…

The twelve inches of beautiful, fluffy snow over powered our eight inch high boots. But being hardy souls we trudged on. Mr.P worked the fence line knocking snow off tree limbs hanging on power lines until… he dropped his 2×4 over the fence into the neighbors yard. (oops) We also noticed that we were going to have to find a way to clear off the satellite dish or we were going to be forced to actually talk to each other. (hmmm…)

We made our way to the front yard where Mr.P dug out his truck before heading across the street to help Sherry dig out her car and then over to help Evangelina as well. All while I was home digging out my car… all by myself!

I’m not sure why we thought the cars were important to get done… Our county has one snow plow and it is on vacation. (Probably in the Bahamas.)

After chores were done Mr.P had a little angelic fun.

Later that afternoon two of my favorite people (Linda and Weasy) showed up with emergency rations (Starbucks), had some lunch with us and worked on the puzzle from last week. (Making progress but not quickly.) Then …(and this is BIG)… son#2 showed up, got up on our roof and cleaned of the satellite dish!!! (YAY…We could finally see how others were dealing with all this white stuff. Yikes!! Not well.)

Along with all these extra concerns came incredible beauty, where the ordinary turns extraordinary… The maple tree that challenges Mr.P every fall turned into the most beautiful vision of snow-lace.


Soon (we hope) it will melt with the coming rain…(We always end up with rain.)…and all this will turn into a remember when memory.

Until then… 



10 thoughts on “The next 168 Hours. January 14, 2017

  1. I moved to Portland to get away from this stuff! My street is still a solid sheet of ice all the way up hill. Fortunately, my suburban is under cover so I didn’t have to shovel it. I would eat peanuts before going out there. The one on Dec 14 had us sitting in traffic for 3 hours to make the 22 mile drive from the airport to OC. It’s so pretty but I know what you mean. Last big snow I had in AZ was 6ft. and as I dug a path to the satellite dish, it was so high a berm, I was able to stand on it and reach the dish. We had to call in a backhoe to dig us out. Here we go again. I don’t own a snow shovel anymore. Your house looks pretty in the snow though. I think Mr. P could use a bump on the noggin for making you do your car alone. Accidentally, of course. 🙂

    • Around here it’s safest to just stay put in this kind of weather. Roads over here are still a mess. …and Mr.P gets a pass on the noggin bumping since he was running around being a good neighbor. 🙂

  2. You have much more snow than we do. We got an inch yesterday but the roads were already brined so it never stuck. Around here we get around 60″ a year (not all at once!) so we have all the equipment and most are short term inconveniences. I’d love to live in a milder climate!

    • Little spurts of “isn’t this snow beautiful” are the best for most. Our last big snow attack was 8 years ago. the ice is a different story. Road crews are out spraying deicer especially in the shaded areas and intersections a lot. But for now… Sun and Snow and Shivering!!!

  3. It’s beautiful…as long as you can stay safe (and warm) at home. We had 3 full days of snow predicted. Unusual. As the days drew nearer, snow left the forecast and became rain…typical. Your maple tree does look very pretty, and thank goodness for helpful neighbor’s like Mr. P.

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