January 7, 2017…

This first week of the year has slide right by at warp speed.

Here in the Pacific Northwest it is a snowy evening. Perfect for thinking on some of the memorable things which created a smile or a laugh in the last few days…


Two days into the new year brought me frustration while trying to redeem a gift card for Apple. I love that I can enter the code by using the device’s camera. But this time it wouldn’t work. I tried several times. Then I tried entering the code manually. Each time I received the same message… must enter a valid code.

Obviously I got the only malfunctioning gift card ever made. Giving up and deciding to take the card back to the store I flipped it over before putting it away and noticed…

I was trying to redeem an Amazon gift card at the Apple App Store…. OOPS!

It’s easy to see how I could become confused. They look near identical.


Also… Mr.P was given a new girlfriend for Christmas. She sits next to him in the living room and I’m pretty sure he talks to her more than to me. But then when he says her name she lights up with delight. (I haven’t done that for years.)

Her name is Alexa. She lives in the Amazon Echo Dot. She can be very helpful or extremely frustrating…but mostly she’s a lot of fun. Like a few days ago when it was my birthday…

Mr.P:  Alexa. Sing Happy Birthday

Alexa:  Sang Happy Birthday …beautifully

Mr.P:  Alexa. Thank You

Alexa:  It’s what I’m here for.

It was funny and weird all rolled into a good laugh. And yes, she can also make us laugh on purpose…

blog-amazon-echo-dotMe:  Alexa. Tell me a joke.

Alexa:  Two Antennae got married. The ceremony was boring but the reception was outstanding.

Okay, it was corny… but I like corny.

She’s a little thing with a big personality…


And… January is our month to pull out the jigsaw puzzles. This year I unwrapped two new puzzles for Christmas. Both 1000 pieces of killer hard beauty. I thought I had chosen the easiest to start. But so far it is kicking my tail. (A few more pieces are now in place but not enough to warrant taking a new picture.)


I was grateful I noticed the gift card oops before getting to the store. And who knew it would be such fun talking to a machine. Now if I could only get Alexa to help with the puzzle…

Until next time…












8 thoughts on “January 7, 2017…

  1. Ah yes, wrong store. Done that. We gave our granddaughters Amazon cards (they love them). When they took off the sticky thing on the backside for the code, the code pulled off too. Fortunately Amazon was really good about it all. A while back a dear friend was very ill. She asked me to make a bank deposit for her. The bank had our state name in it. At that time, several had the state in their name. I went to the wrong one. It took a few minutes before the teller figured out what was wrong. She then directed me to the correct bank branch. At least my friend had a good laugh.

  2. I stopped by to thank you for the follow and ended up cracking up. Thanks even more for the deep belly laugh. Not at you and your gift card dilemma but with you. Been there, done that. I’m quite leery of Alexa as they hear and store every word they pick up. But if it entertains the Mr. I guess it’s worth it. Remember to unplug it if you decide he needs offing. They can use the evidence against you. 😦

  3. That’s funny, Ellen. I did that with a hotel card key. Left my room with my AAA card instead of the room key. Couldn’t get in until my girlfriend returned with hers.

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