Temporary Zookeeper Needed

Qualifications? A willingness to… be licked without notice, stepped on or slept on, may have occasional fur balls to clean, and will need to muck out rabbit cages on Fridays. Benefit package? Unconditional Love!

It was a temporary, twelve day job that came available due to travel during the Christmas season. What landed me the job? I am Mom/Grandma and I’m FREE! This got my foot in the door …and a couple piles o’poop in the yard.

It’s been a fun, friendly, and fury twelve days with the critters of Son#2 and family.

Mornings started early. Sleeping in is not an option with a cold nose nudging your hand and running back and forth to the door. I learned quickly that I do not function efficiently without coffee first. Even the cat knows the importance of caffeine.

My job was to care for two Labradors. One black who blends perfectly with the cover of night. The other a yellow Labrador who blends in with everything else. They are expert ball chasers when they decide to give up playing keep away from me.

I did my best at trying to follow all the rules. However, the “we’re trying to keep them off the furniture” I took as more of a suggestion.

The cats are a bit more elusive and harder to keep track of. Every morning we started with a breakfast head count… no one ever missed breakfast but after chow they demanded their independence. One usually could be found in a closet bed or by a rabbit cage, one in a laundry basket and the other I only found because I happened to turn on the bathroom light.

The rabbits were always found in their cages. For that I am thankful. A couple of them have indoor privileges. They also took their turn breaking the couch rule.

This will be my last morning to chip the ice off the outside water bucket, try not to dump food on anyone’s head during the feeding frenzy and give the rabbits their morning pep talk.

The kids will be home today. Once they are back from the airport the love fest will begin and I will be instantly forgotten by my fickle fury friends. I will console myself with the thought of being back home with Mr.P.

Tonight I will sleep in my own bed and have an actual conversation where someone responds with words not cold noses, licking and tail wagging.

Anyway…that is my hope. 

Until next time…




6 thoughts on “Temporary Zookeeper Needed

    • It’s a crazy fury family dynamics. The dogs lick the bunnies. The cats groom the dogs. The rabbits don’t pay attention to any of it. The most fun relationship is between Red (the coffee drinker) and Zoey (black lab) They are besties. I kind of think the cat thinks he’s a dog. Whatever… they are fun to watch.

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