New Year. Old Person.

Where did the young me go? The youthful me that was ready to party at a moments notice.

FYI: Party to me is not drinking. It is getting together with people who make me smile and laugh. (Mostly I have one on one parties at the coffee shop now.)

The older me has developed limits.

Laughing is good. But laughing too hard can be dangerous and embarrassing. And now there is also the risk for spontaneous napping. Nothing says party like falling asleep on the couch.

So tonight the party will consist of Mr.P and me, two dogs, three cats, and seven rabbits. (The personal ark story will follow soon.) I have a feeling we’ll be having a group nap on the sofa long before the clock strikes 2017.


After a restful evening of sleeping my way into a new year the sun will rise on a very cold PNW morning to the same chores as 2016. The zoo will need to eat, some will need to chase balls, and I will write the wrong date on EVERYTHING all the way through January… all the while asking, where does the time go? (That’s what us old folks always ask.)

And being old I know that resolutions over the years have failed me!

No… Wait… I have failed at resolution-ing. So the wise thing to do is work at enhancing a strong trait already possessed. For me… Reading and Napping!


Here’s to a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year…

Until next time…



7 thoughts on “New Year. Old Person.

  1. That sounds like our kind of New Year’s Eve party. We’re planning to watch a couple of DVDs ourselves – if we stay up long enough. The new year will arrive no matter what we do… Hope you have fun with your zoo, wishing you lots of (moderate) laughter!

  2. Happy New Year! I laughed while reading this post, because I’m in your category. However, my husband and I welcomed the new year without our 16-year-old grandson who flaked out and went to bed.

    • First of all Anne, how great is it you had your grandson with you? Can’t love that enough. And it’s good he went to bed. He has a lot of New Years ahead of him. Smart boy. 😉
      And Happy New Year to you and yours.

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