Permission Granted…

…and we’ve just made it through another Christmas season.

Being realistic through the shopping frenzy, chaotic cooking, calendar contortions, and sleep deprived days seems utterly impossible. At least for me it has been till this year.

Maybe it was age. Or maybe it was the lack of little kids around with expectant eyes allowing me to view the glitter and glory of the season through their excitement.

Whatever it was… This was the year I didn’t feel the need to drive myself crazy trying to fulfill everyone’s expectations. Only one kind of cookie was made. (We survived.) Not ALL the decorations were put out. (The house was still festive.) A gigantic meal for a house full of people was not made. (We didn’t starve.)

After all these years of trying to make Christmas magical and special for everyone, what I discovered was I’m NOT the wonderful savior of Christmas.

The little baby that gets lost in the wrapping paper is.



Sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn a lesson. (I’m sure there are more in my future.)

I hope as this year comes to a close and 2017 comes over the horizon that you will find peace and balance and clarity of thought. And that you give yourself permission to rest and replenish often.

Until next time…


8 thoughts on “Permission Granted…

    • Hello Bernadette…
      I’m pretty sure we all have tried to run on that empty tank when getting sucked in to all the hoopla surrounding us. Perhaps wisdom does come with age. We finally put into practice what we known for awhile.
      Happy New Year to you…

  1. Good to hear from you, Ellen. I’ve missed you. This is a wonderful post reminding us of what’s most important. Have a blessed last few days of 2016—wow, can you believe it’s almost over?

    • Hi Janet…
      There are positives and negatives to taking a technology break. Cyber-friendships are a real thing. Because I’ve missed you too.
      …and I remember when I was younger thinking the year 2000 was light-years away and never to be reached. Guess I was wrong. 0.o
      Happy 2017 to you and your family!

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