Even Retired People Need a Day Off

It had been a busy week around here filled with birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. Plus…Lexi our grand-puppy came on Mother’s Day for another extended stay. Sometimes it is hard to be surrounded by the demands of cuteness 24/7.

Anyway, after a grueling week of sitting out back in the shade of the big maple tree petting the puppy and watching Mr.P do yard work I was ready for a break. Who wouldn’t be after all that rocking and petting and praising?  Mr.P’s yard work is worthy of praise and not just because it’s being done by him and not me.

So, Friday showed up sunny and hot. We deemed it a priority to escape the heat, so at noon we decided to take a mini road trip out to the coast… where it is cooler. MUCH cooler. 30 degrees cooler.

Friday. Bowpicker. Astoria, OR

First stop… lunch at the Bowpicker in Astoria, Oregon where you get Fish and Chips (made with tuna and steak fries) right off the boat. They only sell one item in two sizes, there is no seating and … there is always a line. This is one of our favorite stops when we’re in the area. (If you visit me we WILL drive an hour and half just for lunch.)

Friday. Starbucks. Warrenton, OR


Then we headed a little farther down the road for a quick stop to get coffee.

We casually eyed this fella while trying not to look like stalkers. He was creating amazing beauty with colored pencils while others were putting nose prints on their electronic devices. (I have colored pencils. Beauty making ability must have been sold separately.)

 Full from lunch and equipped with warm coffee we were back on the road again, this time heading for a place to walk off some of our over indulgence.

This is where we ended up…

Friday. Fort Stevens. Jeep

 We wandered through time and history at Fort Stevens Historical Site

on the Oregon Coast.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a lovely, delicious, cooler, relaxed day. But it was time to head for home. We rolled towards home in perfect 59 degree weather. As we made our way up the Columbia River the temperature continued to rise. We reached our exit on the freeway at 88 degrees and in a serious discussion…

Being thoroughly relaxed we flipped a coin to see who was in charge of fixing dinner. Teriyaki takeout won the toss. I love it when the best option wins.

Friday. Home. Take Out Recipt.

Until next time… Cheers!


9 thoughts on “Even Retired People Need a Day Off

  1. Inspiring! There a quite a few places within 1-3 hours that I’ve been wanting to visit…a road trip for lunch and a look around will be on my summer bucket list.

    • Do it!
      True story: Mr.P in his early years worked for the Forest Service in the Mt. St. Helens area. For years he wanted to take me up to see Spirit Lake and all the beauty. I would always respond, “later”. The mountain blew, the lake is gone and I never did see the beauty he wanted to show me… lesson learned.

  2. I have never visited that part of the country and it sounds wonderful (especially with the weird weather we’ve been having). Take-out is one thing that I make perfectly!

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