Making a Mama Happy

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When it comes to making this world… or at least the people who make up the world, we’d be nothing without our Mamas. They gave birth to civilization.

Dang… that’s heavy. But when we take time to reduce the complex to the simplest form it’s all pretty easy to figure out. Mama brought you into this world. I’m assuming you are civilized.

Yes there was a little help from Papa…but this is Mama’s Day. One of my all time favorite movie quotes is from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the wisdom of the mother is passed on to the next generation…

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You see, no matter what you think, moms been in charge all along… guiding, counseling, pushing, canniving, nagging… (I may have just gone a little to far, but if you had just cleaned your room when asked… {{sigh}}

Mothering is  a skill. A mindset. …no children necessary, although pet-mothering is profoundly different from children-mothering. Crate training comes to mind along with outdoor bathroom skills. Although there may or may not have been a couple of tree watering events along this mothers journey with boys.

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So here is my advice for today… Take seriously the Ten Commandments and for today #5 in particular.

“Honor thy (Father and thy) Mother.” (Exodus 20)

It says so in the Bible… therefore … Just do It! (If you gave birth to the athletically inclined feel free to use this Nike endorsement as leverage.)

Because today is all about heart… and if you know better you won’t break your Mother’s.  Call her… (if you still can)  even if the conversation is awkward and stilted …and the same as the last three you’ve had with her.

She’s doing her best. No one’s perfect. Time for you to do your best. She knows you’re not perfect either. NO TEXTING… call your Mama and tell her you love her.

A tattoo wouldn’t hurt either….

blog mother tattoo traditional

Until next time… Cheers!



6 thoughts on “Making a Mama Happy

  1. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of loving calls from your children. My mother has been dead for 10 years, so I don’t make calls, I only receive them from my children. So far, I’ve already gotten some beautiful flowers.

  2. Great post. Reminded me of a Sunday School lesson I was teaching to 5 or 6 year olds about the 10 commandments. When it got to the commandment about obeying your parent,” that thy days may be long upon the land that thy Lord giveth thee.” I asked the kids what that meant. I had to explain more clearly when one said, ” If you don’t obey your parents you get killed.” Kids need things explained to them. But it sure made me laugh at how fast the kid thought of the explanation.

    • Oh My Stars… that is too funny. I taught in a Christian Preschool for 10 years. Kids are quick. This little person certainly knew the dynamics of choices and consequences. 0.O

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