In Case of Emergency…

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It was a typical morning. After shuffling down the hall, turning on the kitchen’s blinding lights I felt my way to the 20 year old Mr. Coffee coffeemaker with my eyes squinted half shut.

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Coffee is my go to, must have, day starter. But this day my heart was jump started sans coffee when …BAM!… there was a loud thud and everything in the house shut down.

My first thought was is this a neighborhood event or personal. Looking out the window the daylight gave nothing away. Before I could yell down the hall to Mr.P everything popped back on and the kitchen looked to be decorated for Christmas with all its flashing lights demanding to be reset. But first I needed my coffee. I have my priorities.

Someday there is going to be a real emergency.  It’s bound to happen because… The world is in chaos.  Add to that we live near an active volcano AND… we live on a fault line which causes the earthquake panic enforcers to keep reminding us.. “we’re over due for the BIG one.”

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My sister-in-law many years ago worked for GSA and gave me all the government booklets and information on being emergency prepared. (They are safely tucked away in junk drawer #1) In the last 15 years I’ve managed to gather together some water. (some upstairs, some downstairs) AND I have my ‘ICE’ (in case of emergency) numbers noted in phone contacts (assuming my phone will be charged and there will be cell service during this emergency).

Now that I’ve been jolted into action I’ve got my container ready along with my list of must haves. It’s a pretty through list so feel free to copy if you want.

*Books *Water *Books *Food

*Books *Flashlight *Books *Batteries

*Books *Instant Coffee *Books

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It’s good to have a game plan and I really should be more serious about being prepared. But I’m more a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal.

Besides, if there is an emergency there’s no guarantee I’ll be anywhere near my prepared box of needs. And if the lights go out how am I going to find it in the basement? In the dark? So many questions with no answers.

I think I need coffee while I think about this and try not to panic.

Until next time… Cheers!


9 thoughts on “In Case of Emergency…

  1. Great post! I have created a manual of preparation tactics for the BIG emergency. It’s so full that I plan to ignore it…or maybe use it to write a best seller. In the end the important things are books and coffee.

    • Hi Dor … and thanks. There’s too much to think about.
      I can’t leave for the weekend without packing a swimsuit AND parka just in case.
      (I do make sure Mr.P has at least a weeks supply of his asthma meds at all times, because breathing is kind of important to survival.)

  2. My biggest worry is how do I save the cats. One cat will come a running. The other will be easy to scoop up but the third. She will crawl in the deepest darkest place and I won’t be able to reach her so we both shall perish under the bed!

    • Hey there Janet…. My nephew has an emergency box on a shelf next to the back door in his garage. It is a see through plastic container and in the top right corner are two cans of beer. We laughted when we saw it but his response was… “What’s the first thing you’re going to want in a emergency?” That is some seriously good planning. 😉

  3. Too funny and too true that all the emergency stuff is always neatly packed away is some very dark space that you need an emergency light to find. Very nice blog and very enjoyable to read. Look forward reading more. Why don’t you consider going over to the Senior Salon today and linking one of your posts?

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