Four-Legged House Guest

We’ve had our share of pets… mostly cats. However, it’s been awhile since we’ve taken on this type of commitment. Lately life has been all about Mr.P and ME!

We have a history of taking care of our kids, our kid’s kids, and our neighbor’s kids. But we’ve entered a new phase. Now we are called on to take care of our kid’s pets. Usually at their homes.

A week ago Sunday night this little gal (below) packed up her bed, food, toys, pink princess blanket and moved in for a week because her parents are having work done on their home.

Lexi Lulu

Meet Lexi… the rescue dog.


Life has changed drastically for the better since Lexi moved from an abusive situation to my kids home where she is treated as the princess her blanket claims her to be.

Lexi is a cute little ball of fur, but she is also a rescue dog who is skittish at odd noises, movements, a voice and our squeaky floors. We both had a lot of adjusting to do.

To say we were over anxious the first day would be an understatement. We watched her every move while she watched our every move. She was excellent at completing a 24 hour hunger-strike tantrum. No food! No water!

This would never do and the mother skills set in. A little ham in the bottom of her food dish enticed her to give in and the added saltiness lead to water consumption and we were back in business.

Within a week little Lexi-Lulu trained us to…

  • Put ham in the bottom of her food dish everyday.
  • Move her bed from our bedroom to living room each morning.
  • Sit with her on the couch each evening to give belly rubs.
  • Ring the bell when we were opening the door for her potty breaks.

We adjusted and relaxed which allowed Lexi to became more confident and at ease.

And then it happened… Friday showed up and so did her family. With her bed and blanket packed she led the way to the car that would take her home.

We stood on the porch and waved as she sat on the back seat of the car ignoring us.

The house felt overly quiet and empty. Lexi had made her impact on our lives. Once again we were empty nesters.

Lexi Lulu ... hall monitor

Lexi…hall monitor

 A couple days ago I received a text… “Can Lexi come stay with you for a couple more nights?” We responded “YES” without hesitation.

This stay has been relaxed from the beginning. Lexi plays fetch with Mr.P, stands guard at my office door, roams the house making sure no one gets lost, and yesterday treed the neighbor cat who up to this point had always thought our yard was safe.

Tonight I go back to sitting on the couch alone. But in the meantime we are becoming the annoying grandparents who want to tell you about their adorable grand-pets.

Pull up a chair… We have three dogs, three cats, and seven rabbits to brag about.

Until next time… Cheers! 








9 thoughts on “Four-Legged House Guest

  1. Brag away – it’s fun, and besides we get to be pet grandparents vicariously. Which is the best way in our small space!

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