Meeting in the Middle

Six women, one movie, 160 miles … and the Art of Compromise.

Six of us were all in agreement. Everyone wanted to be included. And the only solution was to meet in the middle… of Western Washington. So that’s what we did.

Two came down from the Seattle area (160 mile roundtrip) and four of us drove up from Vancouver (WA) (156 mile roundtrip) meeting up in Chehalis, Washington. And what was the driving force?


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Meeting first at Starbucks, we sat in the warm Spring Break sun to chat. Then headed over to the theater where we commandeered the back row for the best viewing. (Only four others in the theater with us. Did I mention spring break and sun?)

As we watched there were a few tears. They could have been sentimental or as Dawn said… allergies! However the laughter far out-weighed all other emotions in this warm, light-hearted comedy. (Windex, never leave home without it.)

We may not be Greek, but we know about family… because we ARE family.

MBFGW2 selfie

this is us … after ‘the wedding’


From here we were off to lunch for more chatting and laughter before having to part ways once again. But we each took with us warm memories of good times with family.

Compromise is a good thing.

Until next time… Cheers!


15 thoughts on “Meeting in the Middle

  1. Fun and family – what more could a person ask for? No wonder there were so many smiles. Worth the round trips just to share those!

    • Janet… It was fun.
      And the movie was a laughter filled distraction from the reality of life. I hope you like it as much as I did. I plan on seeing it again. 🙂 …and again. …and again.

    • Jamie… This is definitely a group movie. My sister-in-law went again with some other friends and she said it was even better the second time around. Saw little things she missed on the first viewing. I’m thinking I need to go again… let’s meet in the middle. 🙂

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