The Mountain is What?

blog. mt.rainier, ferry

Mt. Rainier and a Washington State Ferry on Puget Sound

Here in the Pacific Northwest we get lots of clouds and an occasional shower. (We are just now shaking off from the rainiest winter EVER.)

It doesn’t rain here 365 days of the year although it may seem like it from where I sit… and I sit along the beautiful Columbia River between the Coastal Mountain Range and the Cascade Mountain Range. I am surrounded by beauty… and sometimes I even get to see it.

I have lived in the PNW my entire life. So I’m used to not seeing the mountains for extended periods of time. But, I know they are there. It’s a lesson in faith. You don’t always have to see to believe.

blog. Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens in spring.

I found I missed my mountains terribly when I took a trip to Florida a few years ago. (Hi Jeannie!) The one thing I distinctly remember…besides the beautiful sun filled days by the pool and long chats… was everything being flat. Pancake flat…

There were NO mountains to gage direction by. The highest point I experienced was the freeway overpass.

blog sunrise, mt. Hood from hoodriver

Mount Hood from Hood River, Oregon

 Back here at home, a mountain is like the North Star. Point me towards any mountain and I’ll know which direction I’m heading. Mountains make me feel at home… because it IS home. Anyway…

Four days ago the clouds decided to part, the sun peeked out, and the mountains made their grand appearance. After a winter of preparing for the spring reveal we are never disappointed. Crystal white peaks against a sky blue background is perfection in my book.

We have a term for this around here… The mountain is out today!

Even more special is that where I live, on exceptionally clear days, from certain areas we can have a Four Mountain Day! The peaks of Mt. Rainier, Mount St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mount Hood can all be seen at the same time. Outstanding!

I worry for those who don’t have the magic of mountains in their backyards.

But I have a plan. I’ll share mine because…

The mountain is out today!

blog Mt_Adams_from_Trout_Lake_Highway

Mt. Adams

 Until next time… Cheers!



20 thoughts on “The Mountain is What?

    • Blanco… A friend came to visit many years ago. Looking at the foothills she declared her desire to go climb the mountains… I told her those weren’t mountains. We turned a corner and I pointed to Mount Hood in all it’s beauty and said, “THAT’S a mountain.” …and we did no mountain climbing while she was here. 😉

  1. You are so blessed. I love mountains. I grew up at the base of Mt. Diablo–well, several miles away, but it felt close. Each time I travel back home and Mt. Diablo comes into view, I think to myself, “there’s my mountain”. Thanks for sharing your beautiful view.

    • Janet… You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say you have a mountain. For forty-six years every drive we take to Seattle there is a certain bend in the freeway we go around and off to the right is Mt. Rainier. I always say ‘there’s my mountain’. Everyone else just rolls their eyes. But to me it means ‘I’m home’.

  2. I have a new favorite saying -“The Mountain is out today!” I live in RI and although it is not as flat as Florida, it isn’t anything like the PNW. We are the Ocean State and do have the expanse of the Atlantic when we get ourselves over to the beaches. When I travel “up North” to New Hampshire, there are the White Mountains to help me navigate around and then there are the Berkshires that I love so much. Your photos make me long for a trip out West.

  3. I just started following you, and I’m reading some of your older posts. What a delightful writer you are! Thank you for following me so that I could find you. As to mountains — I grew up in West Tennessee and lived on Long Island (NY) for 50 years. Husband John and I are now living in the mountains of North Carolina where my heart was meant to be all along. We’ve lived here for 1.5 years, and I know my “coming home” moment from every direction. Even in the dark, you can “feel” the mountains.

    • Hello Anne… I ‘found’ you last night and also read back in time. With each read wishing we were neighbors. (Perhaps we are in mountain loving spirit. 😉 ) Looking forward to reading more of your neighborly adventures. A(BTW: I fell in love with Logan.) …and thanks for the follow.

  4. Interestingly, I feel the same when I see the gulf waters as we near our Florida house…that feeling of coming home. I do love the mountains as well, and have climbed a few in my time. Not to the top, but high enough to feel the air change…Mt. Rainier and Mt. Hood are both on that list! In fact, Mt Rainier was a glorious day hike & one of the top ones on my “ever” list (a Zion hike, Teton hike, Glacier hike on the list as well). May you have many 4 Mountain Days ahead!

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