The Wisdom of Minions

Minion: 1) a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.

I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to Minions. As of right now it holds 227 pins of Minion thoughts, observations and insights. I’ve become infatuated with these little fellas that look like Hostess Twinkies in denim overalls and goggles.  I believe this makes me a minion to the Minions.

We’re never to old to learn and these little guys have a lot to teach…

…like new vocabulary words!

minion. I'm a nillionaire

…because sometimes we don’t want to be an adult anymore.

minion. my favorite childhood memory

…and how to deal with frustrations.

minion call me text me

…not to mention that mental health and a good attitude are important.

minion. doctor, family insanity

… also to not take anything for granted.

Minion. you never really realize...

… even the power of prayer in our lives.

minion. God, grant me the serenity. prayer

… along with offering encouragement.

minion. never to late

Cute, comical, entertaining characters who have the ability to make me chuckle. And who doesn’t need a little more chuckling in their life?

Until next time… Cheers!

2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Minions

    • Hi Jill… The ‘text vs. call’ is a good one… especially when using a phone. Certain people I’d rather get a text from any day. Especially people who have the ability to talk for hours… 0.o

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