Daffodils, Gray Whales, Pink Trees

… and Easter!

There are certain set patterns in nature. Summer… Fall… Winter… Spring!  In that order. Without fail. It never changes. We can depend on it… to the point of taking it all for granted.

One of the best (and most annoying) parts of aging is the need ( forced need) to slow down. I don’t choose to sit on the porch and watch the world speed by without me, however, some days this is necessary. It’s either sit it out or get run over… so I sit, recharge the energy meter and observe… mostly events that have always been, just not enjoyed to the fullest.

Here in my corner of the world… the Pacific Northwest …it goes something like this.

blog daffodils

Daffodils start poking stems up just around the time we don’t think we can take the grayness any longer… mid-February. Their bright yellow blossoms appear cheery, beautiful and encouraging. They are the first messenger to hint that Winter will NOT last forever.

blog gray whale from air

Gray Whales start showing up in Puget Sound the first part of March. On their migration from Mexico to Alaska they gracefully cruise in for a side trip into the Sound because who wouldn’t want to visit the sights of Seattle? (I noticed that water makes fat things appear light and graceful. I LOVE water.)

Cherry Blossoms, Portland Waterfront

Pink Trees (my personal favorite) are in bloom right now. Cherry Blossoms are celebrated with festivals around here. Never put off celebrating your cherry blossoms. It only takes a split second for the wind and rain to rip the tiny pink petals from their branches and cement them to windows, cars and sidewalks where they are not nearly so beautiful.

The daffodils, whales and blossoms of Spring lead us to today…Easter Sunday.

This year has been no different from past years except for one thing. I took time to enjoy them. Even the cherry blossoms glued to my car.

This world around us is in chaos. It’s easy to believe that nothing is for sure, that there are no guarantees. Except there is stability in Jesus. The sun will rise in the east again tomorrow just as promised. You can count on it.

Today I celebrate the resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus. Who is the root of my being and comforts my soul. Even when I come across these old photos and wonder how this little girl made it from standing in the front yard after church on a Sunday morning in 1954 to today (above) an older lady on an Easter morning in 2016 still loving life. See… MIRACLES do happen!

Easter 1954

Until next time… Cheers!







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