I Was Lost and Now…

computer upgrade

…I am lost-er. I have been limping along with my old and vastly out of date laptop. It was the picture of duct tape magic of the technology world.

A long thick cord was attached to an old external monitor. The screen had lost its light and ability to shine years ago. I thought it a brilliant solution although it took up twice the space on an already cluttered desk.

Then, when I thought everything was under control the sound system decided to shout at me… then whisper… then SHOUT… then whis…

That’s right. I now had two volume settings. SHOUT, loud enough for the neighbors to hear and Turn Up Your Hearing Aid for a shot at hearing this. If there was a duct tape fix for this, I couldn’t find it. In spite of all this I was adapting to the quirkiness just fine.

Then it happened. The dreaded notice arrived from the young computer whizzes who are bent on moving forward at warp speed. My computer system, VISTA, was no longer to be supported by their system.

ACK!!! Don’t they know old people don’t like change? Don’t they know I could lower their ‘easy’ learning curve by several points in one sitting? It’s not looking like I have a choice. I’ve just leapt from my VISTA program to Windows 10. computer old lady

Challenges are good… (they say)

I hope so because I was also bumped from Windows 2007 to Windows 2016. That’s a lot of years to jump through. However… the first thing I learned is, the undo option is in the same place waiting for me. (YAY!) I’m an excellent undo user.

And now… there is a blog post option straight from Word to WordPress.

Will it work? How does it work? Can I really insert pictures this easily? I’m about to learn…

…and you are about to see along with me.

cumputer old-school    Update: So then… I haven’t quite learned all the hurdles to effortlessly post a blog yet. That means I had to show up here in person and click all the right tabs and options. But SURPRISE… WordPress has done a little updating since I was last here. That means I’m back to learning the basics first. I’m starting to think, the older the dog the longer it takes to teach new tricks.

Until next time… Cheers!


9 thoughts on “I Was Lost and Now…

  1. Some stubbornness is a very good thing. Glad to see you back, and back on the learning curve. Missed your ability to bring a smile to my face…

    • Hi Jamie!
      Hold on as long as you can… I had no choice… the Word program came with the new Laptop. I’m being forced into all this learning business.
      Don’t give in until you have to. 😉

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