The Art of Fencing

There is the sport of fencing. There is the art of verbal fencing. And then there is the need for fixing yard fencing. Yeah… that’s the one I’m focusing on today, the backyard fence. The one that makes for good neighbors. The one you talk to your neighbor over. If you are lucky enough to know your neighbor AND get along with them. But that is a different subject. Back to fencing…

Mr.P and I had differing views on how to deal with this continual thorn in our side which grew to include real thorns. Four neighbors connected at one power pole…I live in an old neighborhood. Don’t judge...where blackberries and ivy vie for dominance.

I had given up the battle. My vote was to let the ivy hold up the fence the best it could and keep the blackberries beat back to manageable levels. Mr.P’s vote was to clear EVERYTHING out and repair the fence. My feeble brain suspected that repair was our operative word in his option. It would only be a matter of time before Murphy and his Law would show up.

So, Mr.P dug into the corner clearing brush and roots and vines and chopping down trees growing out of an old broken down fountain that hasn’t worked since the 70’s. Eventually the fence in question saw daylight. And that’s when the fun began…

Every beat up board and rusty nail on the 1960 fence resisted change. So the replace a board here and there idea turned into a total gut job. Why did this not surprise me?

Thank you Murphy!

fence gone

shopping at Home Depot

The good news was, while all this was going on… I got to go shopping. The bad news was, the list I was given sent me to Home Depot. (…oh how I wish we had stock in this store.) I drug Scooter along for back up and happy I did. Several phone calls sent us on a scavenger hunt for brackets and bolts… finally we aimed our 2×4’s toward the door and home…

shopping done. heading home.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon three generations of fence builders worked their magic to get the three sections back up before the Seahawk game started. Football is a mighty fine carrot to dangle in this family. 

three generations of fence builders

Then came the ta-daaa moment when the new fence sections met the old fence sections. …which will have to wait for their turn to be replaced.

old fence meets new at the days finish line

So now the corner is cleaned out. The fence is looking good and… a big pile of rocks the ivy had successfully hidden for years is exposed and will have to be dealt with.

I feel another project coming on. Time to stock up on Advil…



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