Exciting times coming to my house…


…at least from my perspective. Mr.P will most likely retreat to his corner of the house. However, now that he is retired and can stay up passed 7 o’clock possibly I can win him over with the hot gals in skimpy costumes on Dancing With The Stars.

September 14th. Monday night you’ll find me sitting in my chair, nose aimed at the living room jumbo-tron as season 21 begins. Okay, maybe after so many seasons I’m becoming more like semi-excited.

Each year as the celebrity dancers become more obscure, I find not only fewer people to be excited to see but fewer people I know.

Most of the celebrities from my world are now OLD. There’s no getting around that. And, there have been enough old folks to give this dancing thing a twirl that… how do I say this kindly? …They should have kept their dignity and just said NO!


Except for the grace and kind words of the judges offering encouragement (their creativity to find something kind to say is phenomenal) they should all be voted off the Island of Dance the first week.

They not only embarrass themselves… I feel embarrassed for them. But, we seldom learn from others mistakes so this year has a bumper crop of three oldies who still think they are good enough to keep up with the kids. I’m trying not to be cruel but do they really need the camera time this badly?

This season’s over the hill gang is Gary Busey, Paula Deen and Chaka Kahn. I’m sure they’ll bring their A-game. (Arthritis, Aches, and Acumen)

However, they are up against a 15 year old, a 17 year old, a Triple Crown jockey, an Army hero, and other celebrity stars. (You couldn’t see but I was rolling my eyes when I typed those two words.)

In case you are interested or wondering the other dance contestants will be Kim Zolciak Biermann, Alek Skarlatos, Carlos Penavega, Bindi Irwin, Hayes Grier, Alexa Penavega, Andy Grammer, Victor Espinoza, Nick Carter, Tamar Braxton.


If you know any of these people, good for you, your life is more up to date than mine? Not to worry, I’ll know who they are by the end of the season.

…IF we all make it to the end that is.


Remember the saying “dance like nobody’s watching”? At a certain age this should be changed to “dance and make sure nobody’s watching”.

Who will be the first to say goodbye?

We’ll find out tomorrow night…


7 thoughts on “Exciting times coming to my house…

  1. I believe in the “dance as if no one is watching” and for me that works. I will never be on TV! But your comment made me think about my writing….I am now writing on a stage (OK, small one in blogging). Should I be worried? 🙂

    And I will admit 2 things: 1) I only knew 3 of the “stars” by name and 2) my vice is actually The Voice. Have fun tonight!

    • No worries Pat…
      Blogging is a whole different venue. We sway, twirl, dip and dazzle with words.
      It’s all good…

      And… I have a few friends who watch The Voice and share their love. There are some amazing talent in this world.

    • hey Kate… Over the YEARS that I’ve been watching the oldies show up for an attempt to boost their careers. Not sure they get that benefit from some cringe-worthy performances. But what do I know. 0.o ..and I agree… Paula will at least bring some levity to the program. I am looking forward to that.

  2. Elle – I am not sure if you’ve ever been nominated as you are not a new blogger, but I just nominated you for a Leibster Award. You fit my personal criteria of inspiring me! Check out my latest blog on the “rules” of accepting the award. Hope you find this to be a fun activity.

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