One month of retirement under our belts and…

…a lifetime to go.

I’ve always believed no two people were ever meant to live together, side by side, 24/7. Now that Mr.P and I have done just that for the last month… I believe it even more.

Alcoholic Drinks

And if anyone tells me they adore their mates even more now that they are retired and hanging around the house under-foot, I will immediately suspect there are alcoholic beverages involved in their thought process.

Girlfriend and alone time have become sacred. I have found myself making out a bill just so I can have time by myself in the car as I make a run to the mailbox. I’m sure I’m making this sound much worse than it is… but sheesh, I’m just not use to all this togetherness. Pre-retirement consisted of maybe three awake hours together a day. Oh yeah… this is going to take some major adjustments on my part for sure.

However, not everything has been serious business. There have been many light moments as we learn to share the joy of everyday living.

Mr.P has been working on his ‘projects’ list. As soon as we get some rain, our yard is going to be wonderful. His man-cave/office/TV room is fully functional. However I have noticed… as he works on his projects my do-list inflates from his activities. This is just wrong and will be dealt with.

Grocery shopping

On the FUN side of this adventure is we now grocery shop together. (Until about a month ago Mr.P would have a hard time identifying a grocery store.) I once had this down to a science. List ready, know the store layout, have a set pattern for shopping and bagging and can be in-n-out in record time. Not any more…

Mr.P insists on pushing the cart. Has no concept of watching for others with carts as he ganders at all items while strolling through every aisle. (We wouldn’t want to miss anything.) In the meantime we are bumping into each other, he’s throwing extra items in the cart as I’m checking and putting them back. It doesn’t seem to matter if I feed him before we step into the store… the meat department is his candy store and we always come home with a surprise item.

But… I love the way he wants to help out around the house. This will be a good thing… someday. But for now he will stand staring at the washing machine as he yells down the hall asking what settings to use each time he starts a load of laundry. This can become a little annoying.

But by far my new favorite game is … Dishwasher Scavenger Hunt!

That’s right… He unloads the dishwasher putting everything neatly away and proud of his accomplishment. I just don’t know exactly where he’s put many of the items. For the last two weeks the search has been on for the two-cup measure, a colander, a spatula and a cutting board. I hunt until I find them or ask for help. But sometimes the help can’t find them either. Hmmm…

retirement. new adventure

The Adventure Continues….

Reminder: NEVER misplace your sense of humor.


8 thoughts on “One month of retirement under our belts and…

  1. I love reading about your newly retired life because I can relate, Ellen, especially the meat department. Once a year in May our local market has a meat sale. People get up early for this and head to the store to purchase meat in bulk. I don’t know how my husband learned of it, but sure enough he was up at the crack of dawn on meat sale day and headed to the market. He came home with hundreds of dollars worth of cuts that I rarely buy. Together we repackaged and froze it. (I’ve been giving our college son the cuts that I do not like…you can eat chicken thighs only so often.) 😉

    • It is so intriguing to me. Who knew retired couples would have so much in common and that it would revolve around dishwashers and grocery shopping? Our carnivorous husbands have a lot in common. We just came home from Costco with a package of pork belly. (Makes great sandwiches…now need to explore more recipes.)
      Just a thought… let’s not let our husbands go shopping together, ‘kay?

  2. Ellen! You are writing again! I just caught up on all of them and suddenly feel lighter of heart and truer of direction. You are such a talent! Erma Bombeck should have wished for such a talent!

    Thank God above (below, around and through,) Mike was asked to take a part time job three days after his official retirement. It’s got to be something in that Y chromosome. What IS it about the long ice cream shovel thingie that means it never gets in the same drawer twice anyway?

    The hardest part of his retirement was helping him understand I have not turned in my own life passport to become his social planner/personal assistant. I am busy building an author platform, producing a podcast, attempting to be consistent with blogs and interviews and learning software I didn’t even know existed six months ago. He scowled and called playing on the computer. But we were saved by a laptop.

    Mike was whining about having to fight for computer time and having a wife too busy to cater to his whims. His boss overheard and gave him a spare company laptop. Now my office is the living room with a desk and filing cabinets and a printer and fax machine and his is the dining room table just the other side of the connecting archway. We are within waving distance. Sometimes we work in companionable tandem silence for hours at a time. He sends IM’s when he wants to tell me something.

    Life is good now. He’s gone for part of most days, and he works at home for part of most days. He helps with chores, let’s me push the cart in the grocery store he used to zip in get what he needed and zip out of, nudges me when I wander down every isle bumping my cart into unseen displays while I gander at everything on the shelves so I don’t miss anything, pulls non-list items out of the cart and replacing them on the shelves and only frowns and crinkles his eyebrows when he unloads the surprise I’ve managed to slip past his eagle eye at check out.

    Just like you and Mr. P…sort of. Ellen, I love how your words and phrases are touch points to my own thoughts and memories. Please, please please keep writing!

    • Hey Pammy… You are too kind… and thank you for that. 😉
      The music has changed along with our dance moves… slower and more thought out now that we are in a more confined space. But I will say, I love the visual of Mike sitting at the dinning table sending you messages. (Mr.P now texts with his phone… when he feels like it and I love getting them.)

      Mike and I are going to have to remember to never send you and Terry grocery shopping together. Hahaha…although it would be fun to see what you’d come home with.

      Love you big girlfriend… we need to talk… soon!

  3. Welcome to couple’s retirement. I retired last year, earlier than expected. Downsizing led to a very attractive separation package and I agreed it was the right time career-wise. The company downsizing was changing things (and having kept in touch with a few folks still there, I am glad I am out). But 2 days after I said yes, my husband said “me, too”. Basically he wasn’t going to keep working if I was going to be playing a lot!

    A year later we are still working through a new home-life rhythm! And, yes, grocery shopping has often become a joint activity for us as well. We also needed to create a joint calendar…more so he knows when I am off to have coffee, lunch or drinks with friends! I have found I need more stimulation and connection with others, so I tend to be the one out of the house more. And yes, we needed to get separate computers as well.

    I will be following you to see how you cope with this new lifestyle and what I can learn from you! (there are a number of folks on wordpress blogging about newly retired life!)

    • Hello Pat and welcome… I ran right over to your blog, (I must say, you look far to young to be retired) and subscribed. We are all going to need the help and encouragement from each other as we blaze this new trail. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

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