Happy Doggie Day to my Grand-Puppies

There are dog people and there are cat people. Our family is ambi-pet-rious. We have lots of both… plus a few rabbits thrown in for good measure.

However, today is Happy National Dog Day! To celebrate, I’m sure dogs all over the country are flaunting their special-ness at every passing cat. Chomping on all extra treats given even if they don’t know why. But the love is mutual.

Dogs are life lessons on being excepting, ever-loving and loyal. I’d like to introduce you to my loyal and loving grand-puppies.

In one family is … Lexilexi

She is a rescue dog who has trust issues. I have found Cheerios to be our connector treat. She is Bella and Rooney’s little sister.

And here is Bella and Rooney… When they sit at or ON your feet, you know it. And brace yourself…more than their tails wag when greeting and you could be easily knocked over.

Bella and Rooney

In another family is this lovable black lab, Zoey


RedZoey has no puppy brother or sisters but does well pretending she does. Because Red kind of thinks he’s a dog.

Zoey also lives with Rouncer. Rounce could care less that this is a special day for dogs. I think that comes with the feeling of being cat royalty.


In a world full of stress we need these buddies who give us unconditional love more than ever…

Don’t forget to give your puppies an extra hug and treat today! 

(and tomorrow, and the day after that and the next day and the…)



5 thoughts on “Happy Doggie Day to my Grand-Puppies

  1. How lucky you are to have all these grand puppies! I have two – a chocolate lab named Boo and a perfect lady German Shepherd named Noche. I love them both but they live with families far away.

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