We’re a fish out of water in the PNW…

camping in the rainHere in the Pacific Northwest we live in the land of rain, umbrellas and moss. We usually hope for a dry day for the 4th of July. We schedule beach vacations as late as possible in August in hopes of some warm weather. Camping? Bring the tarps, you’re going to need them.

This year has been a tad different. We have five seasons here in our corner of the world… fall, winter, spring, summer and fire…which connects summer to fall. However, last winter left us with pretty much naked mountains. Then spring arrived to save the day. But alas, forgot to pack the rain clouds. Summer? It crowded in on spring’s time and fired up the sunshine and heat.

Mt Hood. Or. no snowWe haven’t seen green grass in our yard since the beginning of June. I LOVE the color green… especially when I’m outdoors. But a look towards the mountains now brings a different and terrifying sight…


At the moment there are thirty active fires in Washington and Oregon, plus dozens more in Idaho. Highways and roads in these areas are closed and hundreds of families are ready to be evacuated or already are. Our news and my Facebook feed at the moment is a graphic reminder of how fragile life is. One unintentional spark or random lightning bolt can change everything.

Near John Day, Oregon

Fire near John Day, OR 2015

DC-10 tanker spreading fire retardant over Chelan, Washington

DC-10 air tanker drops retardant over Chelan WA. photo by Mike Bonnicksen

But thankfully we have hundreds of men and women full of heart, courage and love for fellow humans in need. For these people I am thankful.

Please keep them in your prayers. 
Firefighters by Randy Brooks

Firefighters in Idaho. Picture by Randy Brooks

 I just read an article that said the weather guessers are predicting an exceptionally cold, snowy and brutal winter here in the upper left corner of the map. If they are right, stay tuned for whining in the opposite direction.



4 thoughts on “We’re a fish out of water in the PNW…

    • There is a picture going around on FB of a girl standing in the rain. It reads: #658…things you never thought you’d see…Washingtonians praying for rain!! (this cracks me up cause its so true) And yes… firefighters are amazing people. Of course you already know this. 😉

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