Mr.P Has Been Set Free

retirement aheadWeek 3 — Day 1

…of this foreign world called retirement.

I’d heard rumors of it’s existence. However, being focused on the present created quite the wake up call when this retirement adventure walked in the door two weeks ago and announced, “Honey I’m home… Forever!”.

Mr.P was all smiles. I was more in shock and panic mode. I was now going to be forced to learn how to live with this man I’ve been living with for the last forty-five years. I could only hope I was up for the challenge. I knew the first step toward success would be prayer, lots and lots of prayer.

So I opened up my heart and my everyday world to this guy. And he opened up to share all the projects he had planned to do around the house. What? Wait… He had projects? Plans? Perhaps our communication skills had been a little rusty cause this was all a surprise to me. I mean, I already had my own list of things to do.

to do list

Now the first two weeks have passed. I had assumed Mr.P would plant himself in front of the television and I would feed and water him once in a while and all would be good. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

I have woken to sounds of him working in the yard outside our bedroom window at 6:30 in the morning making me feel guilty about rolling over and going back to sleep. Guilt was conquered and snoozing continued.

retirement savings plan

 Grocery shopping with Mr.P I’m finding is an adventure in itself. He’s like a kid in a candy store and NO, take the T-bone steaks out of the cart. And I have introduced him to a toilet bowl brush which prompted him to find more yard work that had to be done. Hmmm…

We have gone shopping for a desk. I didn’t know he needed a desk. Evidently he did and it has made him very happy. Happy is good.

I looked up the word ‘retirement’ to make sure we’re doing it right. The dictionary said… to withdraw, go away, fall back or retreat… to go to bed… to withdraw from work life or activities. Nope, none of that fall back, retreat stuff happening here.

I’m glad he had projects and plans. I just wish he didn’t think they all needed to be done immediately. Because the only definition of retirement we have perfected is through exhaustion. That ‘go to bed’ option looks mighty fine at the end of these busy days.

retirement. keep calm and enjoy

…and keep praying!


9 thoughts on “Mr.P Has Been Set Free

  1. My husband retired first. I loved having a houseboy to run all the errands and start the supper. I delayed my retirement because I loved my job and now that I had a maid at home, I was good. Eventually I retired too. Many friends said terrible things would happen. They haven’t. We do our own things and sometimes come together for lunch or a field trip to Home Depot. Life is good. Enjoy your new environment. Obviously your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

  2. I loved this, and can relate as my husband retired in March of this year. We had never been together 24/7; he was a fire captain and was gone many days in a row throughout our marriage. I enjoyed my time alone and didn’t want to lose it. I did a lot of praying the year leading up to retirement. Little did I know then that we’d get along so well with him home all the time. Many happy wishes to you and your hubby.

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