I Was Gone, I Ate Meatballs, and I Came Back…

CalendarEight months ago around Christmas time something happened. Something besides Christmas, and New Years, and birthdays and life in general. I slid into a slight depression. This isn’t new to me. I’ve visited this crumby place before and knew I needed to take up a fighting stance.

Some days were mighty successful. Others not so much. The worst part for me is the inconsistency of one day feeling invincible and the next feeling I was a complete failure. (Honestly, there were days I felt a failure at folding laundry. Okay so maybe the wadded up tee-shirt in the corner of the draw wasn’t perfect. But I tried.) Logically I know neither the invincible nor the failure was true. But that didn’t change my daily routine

…except when it came to sharing here.

IKEA signI wrote many blog posts that never made it to the big screen. They were written during the highs and re-read during the lows. This lead to each post being deleted and thrown onto the ever growing scrap pile of discarded words… never to be published.

Swedish Chef

Then today Mr. P and I went shopping at IKEA. (I know, how could this possibly be related to not writing?) It started in the restaurant. I think there is a rule that you may NOT leave the building until you eat some meatballs. I’m not sure if this is truly the law or not but I was NOT going to chance a run in with the Meatball Police OR the Swedish Chef. So…

We, Mr. P and I, were sitting at a rather large table doing our duty to obey the meatball law and a lovely lady named Debbie asked if she could sit with us. We had a delightful conversation which lasted far longer than the meatballs… ending with the exchange of information so we can keep in touch. (FYI: We had a lot of things in common besides meatballs.)

IKEA Debbie's note

So there it was… after talking about writing I blurted out that I had a blog. Debbie said she’d love to read it. Sure, no problem. I gave her the blog address and then wondered… Maybe I should visit the place myself. Do a little dusting, take the wadded tee-shirt out of the drawer corner and add a few more words instead.

So here’s to you Debbie… my new friend from Eugene. Thanks for your enthusiasm, your cheerful smile, and all the crazy coincidences.

Debbie, next time you’re in town? Let’s do meatballs!



8 thoughts on “I Was Gone, I Ate Meatballs, and I Came Back…

  1. This is timely. You’ve been on my mind often lately. I’ve wanted to send you a note but didn’t know if I should do it through your blog or through goodreads. Alas, I did nothing. I’m glad you’ve begun dusting the cobwebs because I always enjoy what you have to say. Wishing you happiness.

  2. Welcome back, Ellen! The odd time my wife drags me to Ikea, the ‘you must eat meatballs before you leave’ rule is one I am always sure to enforce… (incidentally, the Swedish Chef – also one of my favourite muppets!). Anyway, praying the Lord Jesus would abundantly bless you with His joy and peace during this season of retirement, and that you would keep your eyes on Him, the friend who sticks closer than a brother…

  3. Yay!! I’ve missed you, although I haven’t blogged much since May . . . just once a month. And now another school year has started and in the second week, this teacher is already pooped! And although I’ve never been officially diagnosed with depression, I probably should’ve been. Like you, I have constant ups and downs. Yesterday I thought I had the BEST day at school ever & couldn’t imagine not teaching. Today felt like the WORST day ever (which I know isn’t true), and I thought, I hope I make it through the year. *sigh* Hope you’re here to stay ~ xoxo

    • Jamie… Feelings can be a great deceiver. Listen to your heart, life is never all or nothing.

      And thank you for the welcome back. Life is different for me now with Mr.P as a constant companion… But my goal is to roll by here and throw out a few words much more often.
      Bless you Jamie… I’ve missed seeing your smile also.

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