A Gift From the Heart

The Christmas season can be hectic. Full of activities we deem necessary to reach that mythical goal called perfection.

As much as I’d love to say I’ve never fallen victim to the commercial depictions of a perfect, joy filled holiday… I can’t.

I’d love for my family to gather around the tree, drink eggnog and sing carols while snow softly falls. So far I have the tree. Eggnog around here is gone in a nano second and caroling? I can hear their off-key groans now as everyone scatters.

And gifts… The store advertisements are filled with pictures of beautiful, joyful people with perfect smiles carrying their designer purses. Shiny objects filled with illusion and promise.


Today Mr.P and I went for a walk. (How’s that for a subject leap, eh?) It was a horrible stormy day so we didn’t get far. While on our way back home our neighbor Joe was standing on his porch and invited us in to visit. And so we did…

You see Joe is 81 years old and recently widowed. Sherri passed away August 27th. Joe and Sherri live across the street from us. Sherri was there when we moved into our house in 1972. We were neighbors for 42 years. I miss knowing Sherri is just across the street.. a few steps or phone call away.

We had just sat down when Joe approached me holding Sherri purse. He wanted me to have it. It was her favorite he said. They even had a new strap made when the original wore out.

Sherri's purseJoe generously shared this piece of Sherri with me. I am honored to receive such a precious gift filled with memories.

It does not have a designer label and is quite worn in a few areas, its sparkle long gone. It was not gift wrapped and placed under the tree but lovingly offered from the heart.

This is one Christmas gift I’ll cherish and remember… however, there was no money left in any pockets. I checked.

Until Next Time…








2 thoughts on “A Gift From the Heart

  1. Bummer! I had a ski jacket for no good reason. I have only skied about 3 times in my life. It was a good winter jacket. One cold December day I pulled it out to wear and there was over $30 plus change in the pocket. It must have been my change from the lift ticket or hot chocolate or something. That was a great present. Getting a cherished object from your friend is also a great gift (even if there is no money in it). (Did you check the lining in case it got in there?)

  2. It is late in coming, my friend, but now that I have finally risen above almost two months of not-flu-but-debilitating-creeping-crud, I am here to share how touching this blog post is.

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