Thanksgiving Round-up in 5 Easy Steps

Full Disclosure: I’m blatantly stealing this Random Five idea from blogger buddy Kate Crimmins of Views and Mews by Coffee Kat.  She is clever and witty and has lots of cats. This is my cat-less, less witty and far less clever version. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanksgiving… is over except for the being thankful part. The turkey has been gone for days. No more tryptophane nap excuses accepted. Now naps are just because…naps happen.

This was our first year celebrating on our own little family branch. Our branch alone numbers sixteen. Mr.P and I had gotten a phone call from our grand-daughter Maddy that morning to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving. She wasn’t going to make it home. Sadly, we understood.

The day was strange and exciting and thankfully…very relaxed. There was an abundance of food. Plenty of smiles and laughs and some card playing before the evening ended with a Seahawks game.

It was toward the end of the third quarter when these four beautiful faces arrived. The two beauties are our grand-daughters, Hannah and the one wearing glasses? Maddy! (She made it after all.) Sweet Amelie is our great-grand and Fahad is married to Hannah. By the end of the day I had spent time with my entire family. I am blessed!

Hannah, Fahad, Maddy, Amelie

 Lefse Making… Since we weren’t going to be with the family branch which supplies lefse for feasting it became time to boil potatoes and make our own. Years ago I use to make my own. Now if we were to have any, we would have to get the rolling pin back out and …light-bulb moment…this would be the perfect time to teach Weasy and Scoot about their heritage …and get free labor.

(They already knew the eating part of lefse.)

Lefse Making

It was a messy endeavor. Lefse is the Norwegian potato version of a tortilla. It is spread with butter, sprinkled with sugar, rolled and eaten. Delicious! Weasy did a good job. Scoot made lefse nuggets.

lefse making 2

Ours were not beautiful but they were tasty and by the end of the day…GONE!

Black Friday… There is no pair of socks stupendous enough to lure me out shopping in the middle of the night. Even for 50% off. I understand there are people who live for this experience. I’m not one of them. So I was horrified when Mr.P declared his desire to go out shopping on Black Friday. I was digging in my heels and erecting the stop signs…

when he added… He was running out of reading material and wanted to go to our favorite used bookstore. Ahhh, that’s a different story. The owner knows Mr.P and his favorite authors. We were her only customers. (Everyone else must have been out sock collecting.) One lively conversation and eleven books later we left to get a bite to eat.

David_Schwarz_glass art

A Bazaar Saturday… Bazaars are full of crafty wares and surprises. The girls and I were wandering from table to table when we came upon a glass artist. Not just any glass artist but David Schwarz. His work can be found at the White House, the Smithsonian National Museum of American Art… and my house!

I’ve known Debbie and David for a whole lotta years. Had their son in my class twenty-two years ago. It was that year that I was given a glass candy cane as a teacher gift. We reminisced a bit and got caught up before I walked away with a more complete candy cane collection.

David Schwarz glass artist candy canes

Okay, it may not be on the same caliber as his art gallery work but I love them just the same.

 More Football… By Sunday Mr.P watched near every football game shown on this four day weekend. I was footballed out. So, I opted for a turkey sandwich and a tryptophane nap.

Gosh… My random five looks nothing like Kate’s. Guess I need more practice. You should run over (link is above, remember?) and check her out. You’re sure to find a smile and a chuckle or two at her house.

 Till next time…cheers


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Round-up in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Thanks for the link! Your random five is just wonderful! Isn’t it great to not worry that the paragraphs connect? It’s like talking to someone who keeps changing the subject. Truth be told I stole the idea from who does it on Fridays. My nephew married a Norwegian from Wisconsin and she makes ethnic food too although I have never seen this one. Coincidently her last name is Petersen with all e’s. Maybe that’s the Norwegian version of Smith.

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