1969 — 2014 …the journey continues

Today marks 45 years of Mr.P and I becoming legally bound to each other.

And over those many, MANY years we’ve experienced a little of everything. Some better and worse, (there are ups and downs in everything), some sickness and health, (thankfully mostly healthy), and some richer and poorer… (the richer end of the teeter-totter is way more fun). We have grown with each new trial and adventure.

So that old saying really does apply here. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” No… wait.  Maybe I’m thinking “what goes up must come down”? Well sheesh, that just sounded pessimistic. Perhaps it’s impossible to sum up forty-five years in one short yet clever cliche.

1969 wedding cake 1969 run to car 1969 wedding VW Bug

Much has changed since this young couple joyfully cut their wedding cake and ran out of the church to jump in the waiting Volkswagen Bug to ride into the sunset of happily ever after.

…And there has been happiness, along with a few tears.

Our first argument was over his pig trophy. Mr.P wanted to put in on our fireplace mantle. ACK… this city girl was mortified. How many pig trophies have you seen highlighted in Home and Garden Magazine? Yeah, me neither.

I have since come to love the wacky, bizarre, uniqueness of the darn thing.

It’s a one of a kind, just like Mr.P.

1969 pig trophy

Happy Anniversary Mr.P!   And by the way…

for the next 45 years? You’re in charge of picking up socks.


11 thoughts on “1969 — 2014 …the journey continues

  1. Oh, you and I got married the same year. Being young and in love provides pleasant memories. We don’t have any pig trophies,only running trophies. Aging and retiring bring up new issues like picking up socks. Onward, upward, and joyful wishes to Mr. and Mrs. P.

    • Thank you Linda… I think I’ve hit a new level of calm that comes with age and experience. I’ going to need it cause I think that ‘retiring’ issue is going to have some high hurdles for us to get over. …And Happy Anniversary to you also.

  2. Isn’t it funny how that stuff that repulse you (like a pig trophy) are the very things that become sweet attachments. In our house it’s guitars and amplifiers. I take a chair and whip to them to keep them from encroaching on our family room! Happy anniversary.

    • Thank You Kate… Back in the day I wanted to conform to fit in. How on earth was I going to explain the Pig Trophy to my friends? Now I don’t care what anyone thinks. If I love something, I love it and no one else gets a vote.

      Good luck with your chair and whip issues.

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