Ought-To Opportunities…June 2014

November …and itoes in the raint’s raining. Has been for two weeks. We needed the rain. I know this. The trees know this.

I LOVE the rain… when it’s warm. This rain isn’t warm like summer rain.

This rain is cold and makes my toes shiver.

I’m pretty sure there are going to be many fall and winter ought-to outings coming by shortly. But right now my toes would like to remember the carefree (and warm) summertime adventures. (Who knew toes could reminisce?)

At the beginning of June around here we celebrate the Portland Rose Festival. It is a gala affair complete with–well–lots of roses and activities. In past years we’ve attended the Grand Floral Parade, the Dragon Boat Races and the… um… let’s see… well, we can hear the Rose Cup Races at Portland International Raceways from our backyard.

Okay, we kind of take it all for granted. It’s just — there. And we try to avoid getting caught up in the traffic and chaos. But this year was different.

Son #2 and I decided to hustle over to watch the Jr. Rose Parade. I love kids. But mostly I love MY kids. And my Weasy was marching and we had to go see her.

You are in for a good time when the parade’s Pace Car is…

…Scooby Doo’s Mystery MachineScooby Doo's Mystery Machine Jr. Rose Parade Pace Car

The Grand Marshal’s were the Portland K-9 unit.

jr rose grand marshals Portland K-9 UnitAnd the lady sitting next to me was deathly afraid of … Clowns!

She screamed and ran at the sight of them… I didn’t see it coming. She scared me half to death. At first I thought she was joking. But I was wrong. She was shaking and close to tears. (I’ve never felt so brave.)

Portland Rose Festival Clowns

There were Airplanes and Aliens…

Jr. Rose Parade 2014

Jr. Rose Parade 2014

Boats and Uni-cyclists…

Jr. Rose Parade 2014

Jr. Rose Parade 2014

Even a baby tiger from the Washington Park Zoo… with a fake mother.

Jr. Rose Parade 2014

…along with hundreds of kids. I’m happy to report the short-legged population in this area is vast, healthy and thriving… but we were here to see our flute player. And here she comes now…

Did you see her? She was wearing the blue uniform with a white feather in her hat and playing the flute…

Oh yeah… And they won The Sweepstakes Award for the second year in a row. [Had to do a little Grandma Prideful Button Busting ]

more June to come…



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