The Ultimate Superbowl Party

Sunday, February 2, 2014 …the NFL Superbowl was played.

the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos, 43-8

On Sunday, August 3, 2014 …the Ultimate Superbowl “RING” Party.

Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Ring

I’m not the biggest football fan around. I sometimes pick a favorite team by the color of their uniforms or watch a game because they are playing in snow. I love snow. I sometimes watch because I have a favorite player playing. (My grandson!)

However, there are some football invitations that must be accepted.

Word was sent to us that “the ring” was coming out for a viewing and as a bonus, the hosts were going to feed us. Mr. Todd makes fabulous barbecued ribs while Ms. Dawn whips up the best baked beans EVER! The word NO was not an option.

Bright and early Sunday morning (somewhere around 10am) we packed the car and headed north towards Seattle. Without speeding we were the second to arrive. “the ring” showed up first. Which gave us some private viewing time.

Mr. P wearing “the RING”.  (if only I was a better photographer.)

Mr. P wearing Seahawks Superbowl ring

We have some pretty serious football fans in this family. They base their fan status on other factors than colors and weather conditions. However, they were off messing around at the Minnesota Vikings Training Camp and couldn’t attend.

So this Grandma along with the amazingly creative mind of Shannon,  did a little Flat Stanley photo-opt work for them…

(Pie and Weasy. Finally standing still for a photo.)

Brady with Seahawks Superbowl RingThese were taken with the help of Easter pictures along with Dawn and Shannon’s hands. It was Shannon’s idea to make a slit in this picture to make it look as if Pie was wearing it while holding the football. (I told you… creative!)

Brady with Seahawks Superbowl RingCan’t leave out Weasy… (girls look good with diamonds.)

Weasy with Seahawks Superbowl Ringa HUGE thank you to Shannon (and her husband) who graciously indulged us by sharing their treasure. And as far as I know, no barbecue sauce was spilled on the ring. (kind of a miracle considering all the kids who were there.) And I’d also like to thank the Seahawks for winning the Superbowl which gave us this opportunity.

Oh, and I can’t forget all the people who came. (Think about it…a party is nothing without people.) We got to spend time with some long time friends and meet some new. And especially Dawn and Todd for the invitation. (We totally fooled them by showing up.)

And a special thank you to the RING for making my hand appear small.

Me wearing the Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Ring

A few Superbowl Ring Facts… 

 The team selected Tiffany & Co. to make the ring.

The Seahawks stressed they wanted…

1. The 12th Man recognized on the ring.

2. The phrase “leave no doubt 24/7 be inscribed.

3. The green eye on the logo also be reflected on the ring.

(I saw it … its all there.)

Each ring is handmade and took 45 hours.

It is white gold and is framed with 40 sapphires.

There are 400 of these rings. I assume they are all sitting in safety deposit boxes at the moment. All I know is just the insurance number made me gasp.

And for the record… the ribs were delicious!


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Superbowl Party

    • Janet… The ring belongs to a relative through marriage and is a scout for the Seahawks’ organization. His name is on the side but to protect privacy I didn’t show or tell this part of the story.

      It was a stunning hunk of jewelry! 🙂

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