And You Will Feel Ancient in 3 – 2 – 1

Any relationship, at times, can be difficult to navigate. However… there is, in a brother-sister sibling relationship, a delicate balance between love and smack-down. 

I am speaking from a life of VAST, not to mention LONG, experience in this area. My credentials? I’m one sister with three OLDER brothers. I’ve learned to hold my own pretty well, however, there are times I forget to keep my guard up.

Jessie at Kent Swim Club

 This last week I grabbed my grand-kids for a quick trip up north to my hometown. A twenty-four hour jaunt to walk down memory lane and to watch my great-niece Jessie swim for the same club I did a few years ago. What could possibly happen in such a short amount of time?

I’d only been around for two hours when Eric (my brother) ran out to collect his mail. He came back and plunked an envelope down in front of me and tapped the word free while telling me he was going to sign it over to me as a gift.

Eric's Host Gift

Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to acknowledge his generosity and share the joy of his gift to all my family and friends on Facebook… and let the humiliation begin.

Okay… He gave me a little zinger and I gave one back. All was good…

Later after our normal laughing and visiting we walked up to the Kent Swim Club to watch Jessie in her last swim meet of the season… while I reminisced of a time long past in my life.

There was more visiting with family and friends while waiting for Jessie’s events, shown below on her arm. It was a party atmosphere with activity going on all around us.

Jessie's Race Reminder

Then it was a little after Jessie’s race #29 that the commentators stopped everything and asked for everyone’s attention. And over the PA system it was announced…

“We have a special guest visiting us. 

Ellen Reitan Peterson who swam for Kent Swim Club in 1964

is here with us tonight.”

Everyone turned to look while politely clapping…(I even heard some gasping. Okay, the gasping came from ME!)…and while everyone was graciously acknowledging me for no real special reason it dawned on me… It was because I’m OLD.

 To these kids I was the equivalent of a swimming dinosaur. However, a far more terrifying thought occurred to me. While I was in high school swimming my heart out, even the parents had not been born yet.

( YIKES! I just took myself from old to ancient in the matter on one thought.)

And here is Eric looking pretty pleased with himself. He’s with Carol and Weasy.

Eric, Carol and crowd

Now, I know my brother. He has a heart of gold. (Carol is his equal in that department.) And I was on the first ever KSC swim team 50 years ago which seemed to be exciting news to the folks at the club.

His actions were done in love. The smack-down factor was bonus.

By the way:

Jessie… You’re a good swimmer. I hope you stick with it. And even though your Grandpa embarrassed me, I’m happy I got to come see you swim. Love you kiddo!

Jessie’s last race of the evening…

Jessie's last raceNote: Eric may have won this round, but don’t count me out yet.


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