Golf Balls and Accountability

This morning I called one of my favorite Golf Balls after watching this…

The Empty Pickle Jar 

This little life lesson video has been around the world wide web-block a few times over the years. My friend Pam posted it to Facebook this morning with a reminder to start the week out with the right attitude … priorities matter. And it got me to thinking…

Poppa God has put a whole lot of amazing Golf Balls in my life. 

colored golf balls with smilies

Some are pink and glitzy, some have grass stains, others are blue and some even glow in the dark. However, at this age most are scared and pitted by life’s battles. But ALL are loved none the less.

Pammy, the Pickle Jar poster, would be my amazing and miraculous hole-in-one Golf Ball.

Twenty years ago (on June 25th) Poppa sent two women to Texas to attend a wedding. One from Michigan, the other from Washington. In nothing short of a miracle, there was an instant friendship. (And the marriage has lasted too!)

Pammy’s golf ball would be multi-colored and polka-dotted. Cause she is multi-faceted and makes me happy. There would also be a couple dents (cancer and alopecia) and a huge smilie (she has conquered cancer and has turned alopecia into a positive in her life.) 

She tells me off when needed then turns right around and encourages me in the next breath. Laughs with me and cries with me. (She also said this blog post had to be up by the end of the day … or else.)

I’m not sure what or else consists of, but there are five states and one great lake between her front porch and mine. I’d have time to hide if needed. Anyway…

Our lesson for today is…

Don’t neglect your GOLF BALLS

Well? Don’t just sit there…

Who is waiting to hear from YOU.

bucket of colored golf balls


Pam Fitros is the author of  Boldly Bald Women



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