Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

I come to you humbled and ashamed. I’ve been unfaithful to you and only have my own weaknesses to blame.

Relationships take time, energy and commitment to thrive. I know this. And I have put forth effort in all these areas…

over on Pinterest. 

Where life is filled daily with razzle and dazzle. It’s a party waiting to be crashed. And I was just the person for the job.

Days there are filled with food (lots and lots of food) 

empty plate

and beautiful people (lots and lots of beautiful people).

beautiful people

(It is on Pinterest I found I can be a swimming reindeer when I grow up.)

There are colorful gardens, old barns, ageless beauty and new adventures exposed with each click.

Main Street. Manhattan, Montana

And ROADS… who knew I’d want a pin board dedicated to roads? Not me.

(Or that there is a Manhattan, Montana. This is their Main Street. (Hope the photographer was watching for traffic.))

Pinterest has filled my head with dreams and goals.

running inspiration

There are quotes to inspire…

life is a struggle

And people are willing to share their seriously well thought out ideas with the world.

genius ...smores

Just the other day I found some helpful photography hints.

How I look taking a selfie

So now I know how to properly hold the camera…

blind in 3. 2. 1.

Four boards and twelve pins has turned into forty-six boards and 3,578 (as of this moment) pins. I love that I can hoard without cost or having to find storage. (The site is worth its clicks in gold right there.)

Okay, maybe I am indulging myself a little too much in the pinning department. I’d love to say I’m going to change my ways and curtail my pins. But to be truthful, I really don’t think that’s going to happen. I love the information, I adore the pictures and I live for the dreams of what can be.

If you have a moment come on over…

Stroll through a garden, visit Norway, sit on a porch and have some coffee.

Whatever you do today… I hope it makes you smile!


3 thoughts on “Dear Blog,

    • Kate… I really didn’t think it would be this big a deal to me. It’s a pretty good time suck. Maybe best to stay virginal…<– is that a word?

      Linda…Hey there, I'll have to go look you up. A lot of my pins are geared to visuals for writing. All of them make me happy in some way. Finding JOY in a picture or idea.

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