Standing on the Edge of Summer

Summer will be here in nine days… are you ready?

When I was young(er) I associated summer with play. In every direction there would be activities to participate in.

Times have changed. Not the abundance of activities so much as my participation level.

Now the arrival of summer brings thoughts of warmth, comfort, and relaxation. I can think of nothing better than sitting on the patio, coffee cup handy (preferably full) and a good book to read when my eyes have decided nap time is over. And the starting point of this mission? My feet!

Day dream over… I still had some spring cleaning to do before that patio nap can happen. And this is the result after an arch-eological dig through the closet.

Out with the old… (maybe)

flip flops old

In with the new… 

flip flops new

And a few WISE words for summer…

Lifes party includes Flip Flops


4 thoughts on “Standing on the Edge of Summer

  1. I love new shoes for a new season! We have had (and are still having) a cool, damp, rainy week. No flip flops for me yet. Maybe on the weekend. Last week was gorgeous. Maybe this was nature’s way of getting me to do some inside work.

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