Springing Into Action

Mr. P heard the call of spring much earlier than I. He now has the upper hand with his war on moss. No easy task here in the Pacific Northwest where said moss is the universal ground cover. It also covers sidewalks, fences, trees, cars and people if you stand in one place for too long.

Moss around here is as invasive as English Ivy and Blackberry vines. We have those too but Mr. P has not taken up that battle with me . . yet. (Hope he does soon, I’m losing ground on this confrontation.) Weary from clipping, yanking and digging I needed a project with quick results and found it in a couple of old planters.

I was about to toss these plant stands that were gifted to me by a friend many years ago who was moving. Then at Saturday Market I saw the exact same planters for sale. . . for a whole lotta money. (More than I would have paid.) This made me come home to rethink my backyard toss pile. In a stay of execution the planters were freed from certain death by bulldozer at the landfill.

Now it was time for me to take action. Weather had already beaten off many coats of clear sealer so I decided it was time for a change. First I needed supplies… Home Depot to the rescue!

Planter supplies from Home Depot

But first the planter needed a little prep work…

planter before renovation

Make that a lot of prep work. This took a good scrub brush and lots elbow action. I also found out the water hose had sprung a leak. (Yay…. another trip to Home Depot. Later. . .) Right now I need to focus on this project.

I have now discovered the fun and efficiency of spray paint. Before I would have labored over all the crevices while mangling a paint brush. (Is this the wisdom of age? Or laziness at it’s finest?) A layer of black matte before a layer of black gloss and this is the result…

planter after paint

While watching paint dry I lost focus and noticed our first roses of the season. They are gorgeous so I must share.

first roses of the season


Time to get the flowerpot ready… I’m not known for my green thumb abilities so a whole lot of prayer goes into this part of the project. That snazzy wheelbarrow is a 1971 Sears Craftsman… I refuse to let it go. All the grand-kids have had Grandpa rides around the yard in it. It’s a family treasure some lucky member will inherit.

preparing flower pot

When the planter and plants met, this was the result. Sure hope someone remembers to water it. 

completed planter on the porch

So after admiring my work all afternoon, son #1 came by tonight. As he came in the front door I was anxious to ask what he thought of the planter. . . He had walked right passed it and not noticed. I made him go back out to look. He suggested I place it in the middle of the porch where everyone would be sure to notice when they’d be forced to walk around it.

(I love him anyway.)












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