…and this is why I love my family.

I am blessed with pink heart

I have a family whose roots are generations deep in tradition and overall goofiness.

Lake Rules

Lake Rules MUST be obeyed.

We are three generations deep with my brothers and I rising to the top of the age graph. (note: My brothers raise higher than I do.) Our kids have their own families now and have created some of the most fun little humans I know. And my favorite part? They all still come together to play on Memorial Weekend.

Rain or shine… we party!

This year at the lake we dealt with rain and very little shine. Okay, there was NO SHINE. But when someone says “it’s picnic time” we all show because a picnic is not about the weather, it’s about the people.

This year our numbers for our Memorial Weekend picnic were lower than normal. This however did not limit stimulating conversation, kids from having fun or cameras from catching some action.

Here are a few moments of us being us…

Starting at the house we go through the gate and down the path to get to the water.

path to the lake

When you reach this sign post you’re half way there…

sign along path

Water sighting and activity in the most beautiful yard awaits…

Lake side

To the right is the gazebo full of comfy chairs and usually the older folks…


Some years the canopies are needed for shade… but this year it’s being used as a giant umbrella.

under the canopy

This is Ginger… she lives at the lake and is a great swimmer. Here she is watching over Charlie teaching Benji and Snickers to surf, but I think she’s a little worried about her pal Pearl…

Ginger lives at the lakeCharlie with Benji and Snickers

The kids have decided this would be a good day for Pearl to learn to swim. After all, she’s already wet from the rain. I’m not sure whose idea it was to put a life jacket on her but sweet Pearl wasn’t too comfortable.

Pearl in life jacket

Woo, Jess and Noah worked hard to coax Pearl into the water. Woo chose taco chips to entice but alas…this was as far as Pearl was willing to  go.

encouraging Pearl

Woo then moved on to taking the fish she caught (his name is Joe) for a walk.

Woo walking Joe

Joe quickly became family. I even got to hold him for a few seconds. Lucky me. Poor Joe.

Woo and JoeWhen it got too cold and a little too wet we moved up the hill and into the house.

Red and Buttercup are the only people I know who would host a family event in the middle of a major remodel.

up to the house

Setting up for another round of eats…

in the house

A little cousin love for Noah while Woo walks by with Joe in his bucket.

cousin fun

Not sure what’s going on here but may be some kind of ceremonial salute to a great day with family… or possibly pointing out Bob the cat up in the open rafters.

in the house

The worst part of a rainy, cold Memorial Day picnic?

Knowing we’ll have to wait a whole year to do it again. 

I heart my family


9 thoughts on “…and this is why I love my family.

  1. Wonderful family and great pics! I have one aunt who is 101 years old so I am clinging to the title of the second layer of generation rather than the oldest! Last year we had a very cold and windy Memorial Day and everyone was at my house. Fortunately this year was gorgeous.

    • Thanks… We can honestly say we have fun when we’re together. Wish everyone could say the same.

      Happy for your good weather. Are you the go to person for all Memorial Day Weekends?

      • Seems like that lately. My niece is having the big reunion later in the summer so I opted to host this. Sometimes if I have the big reunion, she will host.

    • Jamie…Of course you can join our family.
      We seem to be one of the few families that has not spread out across the country. You’d only have to go to two areas in Washington state to round us all up…. or just yell “PARTY” and we’ll automatically show up!

  2. So glad I got to experience this family tradition last year. We even had the rain so must be part of the tradition… Lol. It is such a fun time and I hope it continues for years to come

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